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Absence management

Gain more control over absenteeism, disability, costs and employability.

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WTW is the intermediary that maximizes the resilience of your workforce thanks to its experience and expertise.

Are you currently working with a traditional partner for your absence management? Are you wondering how to reduce the duration of absenteeism? Do you feel there is more financial advantage to be gained from absence services?

The answer lies in the insights you derive from absence data. This enables you to maximise your funding streams and develop a long-term policy focused on wellbeing.

Is your absence policy ready for tomorrow?

The costs of disability are rapidly increasing, and employer absenteeism is on the rise. Consider, for example, the growing prevalence of mental absenteeism alone. Laws and regulations continue to evolve, such as the requirement to deliver an ESG report from 2024 onwards. These are challenges that you, as an employer, want to address because your employees are crucial to the continuity of your company or organization.

Therefore, get to know the services of WTW and be inspired by our community of HR professionals. WTW is your experienced, reliable, and efficient partner that supports you with absence-related issues.

WTW offers a comprehensive approach to effectively manage absenteeism, disability, and optimize employability.

Our unique approach

Continuous optimization

Numerous factors come into play in cases of absenteeism and disability, involving multiple stakeholders. By continuously analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing the entire process, we develop an approach that results in optimal employee employability.

Maximized funding

With WTW's knowledge of various financing options, you can make the most of available schemes. Our clients save up to 30% on costs for absence interventions.

In-depth knowledge

WTW's experience, expertise, software, and partnerships—including those with our medical service partners—are unparalleled in the market.

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Why Choose WTW?

WTW is the proactive business partner for well-being, prevention, absence, and WGA (Work and Income According to Labor Capacity). We offer combined solutions in insurance, case advice and WIA (Work and Income According to Labor Capacity) risk assessment, risk management, policy advice, and WGA case management.

WTW is characterized by

Flexible adaptability

We tailor our services modularly based on the organization's needs.

Targeted support

Our expert support ensures that complex and long-term absenteeism receives the right attention, with the goal of effective employee reintegration.

Prompt follow-up

Our professionals are quickly deployed in cases of complex and long-term absenteeism to conduct a thorough analysis of the absenteeism issues.

Clear results

Trends and developments are made visible to the employer for evaluation, resulting in lower costs and higher quality through improved employability and employee wellbeing.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to have a further conversation with a WTW advisor about the possibilities and benefits of our absence management services for your organization? Then schedule an appointment for an obligation-free discussion. Or you can contact our consultant, Henk Klos. We look forward to getting to know you.

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