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Private Equity Investment Solutions

Our private equity solutions enable our clients to invest in forward-thinking companies that are shaping the world around us. We provide access to specialist private equity managers across the globe.

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Private equity involves investing in non-publicly traded companies of all sizes and, in particular, offers an entry point to fast-growing small and medium-sized companies. Investing in private equity can offer compelling risk-adjusted returns and support investors’ long-term return objectives.

Since 1995, we have helped our clients invest into private markets, and are currently responsible for $67bn of capital. Our private equity team helps our clients by investing across buyout, growth and venture funds and co-investments. We do this alongside the highest quality specialist private equity managers.

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Why invest in private equity?

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    Access to early-stage and differentiated opportunities with high growth potential

  2. 02

    Potential to diversify your portfolio and achieve higher returns versus traditional equities

  3. 03

    Long term investors with 'patient capital' are rewarded with skill and illiquidity premia

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    Potential to invest your capital for positive real-world impact

We scour the global investment universe for private equity managers who can prove they can source superior deals within their specialist segment. WTW builds long-term relationships which help to provide our clients access to well-structured, limited capacity deals.”

Andrew Brown | Head of Private Equity Research

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Our approach

We work with high-conviction managers who have proven ability to invest in their specialist field.

We identify the megatrends shaping tomorrow and invest in companies poised to capitalize on them.

We prioritize the lower and middle markets where competition is less intense, increasing the potential for identifying undervalued, high-growth companies.
We conduct in-depth research to identify top-performing managers across diverse markets maximizing your chance of capitalizing on varied market opportunities.
We cultivate deep, enduring relationships with global General Partners, fostering mutual trust and collaborative value creation over the long term.
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Our solutions

Relationship-focused investing

Direct Investing
  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Outsourced Solutions: We offer private equity solutions that are adaptable to meet client's unique investment goals. Clients have the flexibility to select their preferred level of engagement that best fits their investment approach and governance requirements.
Fund Investing
  • Client bespoke fund vehicles: Collaborating with clients to create tailored private equity vehicles aligned with their strategic vision and designed to meet their risk/return objectives. We specialize in guiding clients through the intricacies of fund development from inception to fruition.
  • WTW Funds: Innovative and carefully constructed funds with a favourable risk/return profile. Leveraging our asset size and client base to make private equity accessible to a wider range of clients.

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Our key credentials

$26 b Private markets AuM globally

$67 b Private markets AuS globally

25+ years investing in private markets

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