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Environmental risks and associated third-party liabilities threaten organizations’ financial health. Businesses must protect their balance sheets from uninsured, unbudgeted and out-of-pocket expenses associated with environmental cleanup obligations, potential long-tail liability, toxic tort claims, third-party liability (bodily injury/property damage) and/or legal defense costs stemming from a wide range of environmental exposures.

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A long-time market leader, our environmental practice provides environmental insurance expertise, specialized market knowledge, technical support and claims advocacy services.

Our environmental risk experts and brokers help clients design, negotiate and deliver competitive risk management insurance programs with carriers matched to each client's risk and exposure profile. This customized approach is achieved while providing favorable terms, competitive pricing and a solid platform for negotiating settlements for difficult claims.

We are a pioneering insurance brokerage group dedicated to the field of environmental liability that has the necessary knowledge base and breadth of experience to understand and anticipate the particular environmental risks of each business.

We serve thousands of clients worldwide ranging in size from midsize organizations to multi-billion dollar global businesses operating in multiple industries, including:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Contaminated site redevelopment
  • Contracting
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Financial institutions
  • Health care
  • Utilities
  • Waste disposal

Our team can identify and assist in quantifying exposures, help mitigate their financial impact, and assist in developing risk control practices and prudent risk transfer, and alternative approaches to coverage.

Insurance now plays a more prominent role than ever before in environmental risk management. With relatively straightforward underwriting requirements, highly flexible products and realistic yet competitive pricing, there is no reason in today's market to risk having an uninsured environmental loss.

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