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ESG and Sustainability - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Willis Towers Watson helps organizations to create healthy company cultures, where diversity, equity and inclusion is steeped in the talent experience and employees bring their best selves to work, collaborating to increase overall employee engagement and wellbeing.

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We help organizations to answer the difficult questions about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI):

Purpose: Does the organization recognize diversity, equity and inclusion efforts? Is DEI part of its mission and values, and reflected in its culture? Is it part of sustainability metrics? Does our culture support and advance ESG and sustainability? Are our Total Rewards programs equitable, supporting the unique needs of all our people, at different pay levels?

Work: Are there fair career development opportunities for all employees? Does unconscious bias exist? Are teams diverse, and do they foster the sharing of different perspectives? Do we understand how not supporting DEI poses critical risks to our business? Is access to flexible work and hybrid work models equitable?

People: Is the company attracting and retaining the right talent, including workers with critical skills? Do employees feel free and empowered to speak up? Does the company support a wide array of employee needs, from health and benefits to financial wellbeing to flexible work options?

Total Rewards: Does the company provide access to benefits to all segments of the workforce, including low income employees — and does it support employees on their terms, “meeting them where they are and where they want to go”? Does it support fair pay programs and measures? Do all employees have access to dependent care and leave policies?

We can also help you address underrepresentation of key workforce sectors (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity/national origin, disability, LGBTQ+) in senior-level, decision-making and critical-skill roles. Such disparity leads to overrepresentation of these groups at lower salary levels, which has other negative effects such as less access to and affordability of healthcare, reduced retirement savings, lower job security, less overall wellbeing and a poorer employee experience.

Willis Towers Watson also works with organizations to use human capital metrics to measure employee alignment with DEI and other ESG factors. For example, there are several potential human capital management-related ESG metrics, such as productivity per employee or pay gap as well as emerging ones such as high-performance employee experience or equitable access to reskilling and upskilling programs. Willis Towers Watson can help you find the right balance of metrics to meet specific objectives and align them with the overall business strategy.

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