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Radar Base

Radar Base, from Willis Towers Watson’s award-winning Radar suite, provides powerful management information to support business plans and summarise results of risk modelling and competitor analysis.

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A pricing and decision support hub

Radar Base allows you to model the impact of pricing scenarios on key performance indicators at a simple level or with complex multi-period, multi-product projections. It means you can perform sophisticated competitive market analysis and identify weaknesses and cross-subsidies in your current or proposed pricing structures. It also supports fair pricing assessments.

Key features

  • Imports and uses data and machine learning models from a wide range of sources, comparing model performance in a single environment.
  • Creates highly interactive, visual and customisable reports, including rich mapping data.
  • Builds reusable projects and model libraries.
  • Embeds customer lifetime value measures and multi-year projections through flexible calculation.
  • Supports callouts to third-party systems or models, and imports Predictive Model Mark-up Language models.
  • Builds a robust governance process which is auditable and secure, unlike open-source software and manual coding.
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