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Global Pension Finance Watch – First Quarter 2024

By George Pantelides and Frans Badenhorst | April 26, 2024

Resilient economic data drove a positive and more stable first quarter of 2024 compared to the final quarter of 2023.

Discount rates increased across all markets and asset performance was largely positive. Overall, the combined effects drove positive first quarter pension index results for all countries.

About this report

Global Pension Finance Watch, published quarterly, reviews how capital market performance affects defined benefit pension plan financing in major retirement markets worldwide, with a focus on linked asset/liability results. We cover defined benefit pension plans in Brazil, Canada, the Eurozone, Japan, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S. Specific plan results will vary, often substantially, based on liability characteristics, contribution policy, portfolio composition and management strategy among other factors. The passage of time since quarter end, may also have a significant impact on pension plan financing.

The impact of capital markets on these pension plans is twofold:

  • Investment performance on fund assets
  • Changes in economic assumptions on plan liabilities (as measured under international accounting standards)

If you have questions or comments about this report, please contact our WTW experts.

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George Pantelides
Director, Integrated and Global Solutions
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Frans Badenhorst
Director, Integrated & Global Solutions
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