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Organizations look to enhance their career ecosystem

Findings from our 2023 Career Strategy and Design Survey

August 22, 2023

Employers look to shape an ecosystem of career offerings to help address talent challenges and requirements for pay transparency. Discover actions to ensure your career offerings are “future ready.”
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Organizations look to enhance their career ecosystem

Three in five organizations regard a career ecosystem as an HR priority and they have support from key business leaders.

Most common goals:

  • Attract and acquire talent
  • Make fair, effective pay decisions
  • Retain high-potential and top-performing employees

Addressing these issues will help power future performance and productivity.

But few have key elements of a career ecosystem in place for the full organization
Career ecosystem

Career framework*

61% Leveling

54% Job architecture

19% Knowledge architecture

Career enablement*

22% Career strategy

21% Career activation

*Percentages indicate elements in place for full organization.

Expected areas of impact
  • Equitable pay and benefits
  • Talent acquisition
  • Skills and competencies
What’s holding these organizations back?

Most commonly cited barriers:

  • Leaders and managers are underprepared to implement changes
  • Absence of a personalized career experience
  • Unclear education, training or engagement on careers
What will it take to succeed?

Most commonly cited success factors:

  • Strong support and buy-in from key leaders and business stakeholders
  • Clear understanding of employee needs
  • Readiness of leaders and managers to implement changes

Getting stakeholders on board and educating leaders and managers are key.

Organizations primarily use people metrics to measure success
Career ecosystem success measured by people metrics
Most common goals People metrics Operational metrics Financial metrics
Attract and acquire 80% 56% 26%
Facilitate effective pay management, equity and fairness 66% 42% 53%
Retain high-potential and top performers 87% 36% 23%

Compared with organizations that use neither operational nor financial metrics, organizations that use these metrics are 1.2x as likely to say that the career ecosystem has had, or they anticipate will have a tangible impact on:

  • Workforce analytics and planning
  • Organizational design and effectiveness
  • Talent acquisition and sourcing
Develop a career ecosystem that helps shape future-ready talent!
Define the purpose, elements and strategy for careers:
  • Determine how your career agenda links to your people programs
  • Define what metrics — people, operational and financial — your program will influence
Ensure buy-in of key business leaders and executives:
  • Develop the business imperative for the work
  • Assess the risk of not changing
  • Have a process in place for ongoing refinement
Establish the impact and communication plan for careers:
  • Determine where you want change to be seen
  • Make sure employees and candidates understand what is in it for them
  • Determine the role of careers in your total rewards storyline and culture
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