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Reimagining work and the employee experience

EX Conversations – Asia Pacific

By Vidisha Mehta and Manasi Vartak | December 18, 2020

Our experts discuss the critical link between work design and the employee experience, and why the future of work is full of opportunity.
Work Transformation|Employee Experience
EX Conversations: Reimagining work and the employee experience

Work design is evolving. Business leaders and HR are now looking at this more holistically, identifying ways for technology to augment work and provide employees with opportunities to focus on higher-value, more fulfilling tasks and long-term career development.

CEOs and CHROs are willing to invest in reskilling, leading to better career opportunities.”

Manasi Vartak
Director, Talent Consulting, Indonesia

What does this mean for the employee experience? While many are worried about jobs being disrupted or disappearing altogether, in this video, our thought leaders Vidisha and Manasi discuss how work redesign can in fact be an exciting prospect for employees, who can pivot away from tasks that may be administrative or repetitive, towards work that is more complex and strategic.

Harnessing the fundamental dimensions of employee experience while reimagining your workforce – redefining the value of work, being purpose-driven, focusing on rewards and skills, and building strong people connections – can help to create a more compelling employee experience.

Watch the video above and follow our EX Conversations series to hear more.

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