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Property Risk and Insurance Solutions

WTW provides you with local access to global property insurance markets, enabling you to optimize risk programs.

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From natural catastrophe risks, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, to business interruption and contingent business interruption, finding the right property risk management solutions and determining the right amount of property insurance can be challenging.

Teaming with WTW’s property specialists will help you manage your property risk challenges, identifying and quantifying risks and then implementing solutions to fit your organization’s unique property risk management needs.

To enable you to keep pace in today’s ever-changing risk environment, our product specialists offer flexible risk transfer solutions that are flexible to keep pace in today’s ever evolving risk environment.

The result is better allocation of risk capital and balance-sheet protection.

Our analytical approach to property risk

Combining sophisticated risk modeling and insurance portfolio analytics with local access to global markets, we overcome placement challenges to deliver better client service.

We take an analytical approach to risk, defining your key risk drivers using modelling tools and portfolio analysis. These help us to quickly identify where you may have gaps in your risk management program or may be buying too much coverage.

Once we analyze and provide a comprehensive review of your exposures, we partner with you to prioritize risk transfer strategies based on your corporate goals, tailoring the insurance program to your risk profile.

Property insurance and risk management solutions

Property insurance and risk management solutions

Our property risk specialists can help you secure:

  • Property damage and business interruption insurance
  • Stand-alone catastrophe peril coverage, including wind, earthquake and flood
  • Captive reinsurance
  • Deductible buy-down
  • Parametric trigger products
  • Global property risk insurance programs
  • Shared or layered programs.

Our property insurance model

By providing a single point of access for your global property insurance brokerage needs, we provide faster and more seamless risk services across borders, anywhere in the world.

Together we work with you as one global team, reducing barriers to markets.

Introducing the Direct and Facultative Global Line of Business

Our major placement hubs are organized under a single Direct and Facultative team, with many key global territories forming the hub. Such an arrangement enables us to leverage our skills, expertise and knowledge globally to provide you with the optimal insurance placement solutions.

By pooling our collective expertise, the Direct and Facultative team provides actionable insights and the strategic thinking necessary to meet your short and long-term objectives.

The WTW difference

With advanced risk modelling and analytics and global insurance placement hubs, WTW provides:

  • Optimized risk transfer strategies and premium spend through quantifying exposures to reveal risk gaps or over-insurance
  • Efficient access to markets and global capacity for risk that can’t be placed locally
  • Seamless experiences with placement and claims working as one through a sole point of contact
  • Greater certainty through wording and underwriting experts dedicated to eliminating ambiguities
  • Flexibility through wide-ranging global capabilities across sectors and occupancies, from large corporate estates to single buildings, and in territories including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Fast and efficient property risk placement and claims

Fast and efficient property risk placement and claims

WTW’s property placement and claims teams work side-by-side during risk placement and claims settlement, providing clarity throughout.

We also provide access to claims advocates who negotiate with decision makers on your behalf to deliver fast and efficient claims.

For specialist help discovering smarter ways to managing property risk, please get in touch with the contacts listed at the top of this page.

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