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Climate liability: Time to future-proof your business

WTW brought together climate leaders, academia, analysts and sector experts to discuss the decisions businesses need to consider to help future-proof their organisation from climate-related legal exposures.

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On 18 April 2023 WTW hosted an in-person event titled Climate liability: Time to future-proof your business. The event focused on climate-related legal exposures that have increased significantly over the years, with insightful discussions from WTW climate leaders alongside selected academia, civil society, analysts, insurers, and sector experts.

Attendees learnt how to make empowered decisions to help future-proof and prepare their organisation to manage risks, minimize potential climate-related liabilities, and evolve their business to successfully transition to a low-carbon net-zero economy.

Wherever you are on your climate risk journey, we are there to help you take the next step and build long-term resilience for the future. Contact us.

For your convenience, we’ve split the event into segments so you can easily tune into the topics and speakers of most interest to you.

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