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Expatriate Benefits Solutions

Our Expatriate Benefits Solutions team assists multinational organizations in the development and management of employee benefit programs for internationally mobile employees (IMEs) working outside their home countries.

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Multinational companies regularly employ expatriates to manage business expansion and development, foster culture during M&A transitions, or ensure the best talent is leveraged within the company. This can involve sending key employees to other parts of the world for extended periods of time. Such employees require expanded health and risk benefits, to ensure access to care and coverage on a global basis.

If you are an employer, it is important to offer compliant, competitive and financially sustainable global benefits coverage. It is also necessary to partner with vendors best positioned to support your unique expatriate population. Offering suitable benefits for short-term and long-term international business travelers also helps to satisfy an employer’s duty-of-care obligations.

Our holistic approach in consulting with multinational clients also extends to other programs and services for IMEs, including evacuation and assistance services, global employee assistance and wellbeing programs, and global telehealth services. We also work in collaboration with our international retirement plan consultants for off-shore retirement pension/savings plans.

What we do

In today’s complex and compliance-driven insurance environment, effectively implementing or managing an expatriate benefits plan can be complicated. Our experienced consultants are uniquely positioned to:

  • Provide industry-leading advisory and support services for the development, implementation and ongoing governance of healthcare and risk benefit strategies for international assignees and business travelers
  • Offer continuing guidance on compliance factors that impact these benefit programs, as well as recommendations based on competitive practice and industry benchmarking
  • Advise on mitigating unique risks of expatriate assignments by addressing issues such as duty of care and evacuation and assistance
  • Secure appropriate and competitive pricing, supported by the teams’ financial acumen and leverage with the leading expatriate insurers

Our services

  • Design, implementation and support of global and regional benefits programs
    • Expatriate healthcare
    • Expatriate risk insurance programs (life, accidental death and dismemberment, disability)
    • Business travel medical
    • Business travel accident/personal accident
    • International employee assistance and wellbeing programs
    • International telehealth solutions
    • Evacuation and assistance services
  • Competitive practices, benchmarking and compliance review
  • Brokerage (placement) services
  • RFP/market analysis services
  • Independent claims analysis and pricing projections
  • IME benefit strategies and optimization

Benefits for globally mobile employees are a key part of the overall global benefits strategy for organizations with Global Benefits Management (GBM) support. Our teams align all services with ongoing GBM activities.

Market developments

We monitor and advise on the ever-changing compliance requirements applicable to expatriate benefit programs. Regulatory factors are often the catalyst for plan design or vendor changes in order for an employer to maintain compliance. Our focus on intellectual capital supports the need of multinationals to safeguard their globally mobile employees and also their businesses.

We conduct a biennial Internationally Mobile Employee (IME) Benefits Design survey focused on health, risk and related programs designed for expatriates and international business travelers, and monitor and manage a database specific to expat plans and related programs so that we can provide market practice by region, industry and IME categories.

Our 2023 Internationally Mobile Employee (IME) Benefits Design survey executive report is now available for download at no cost. Please click link if you would like to participate in the survey, or purchase the raw data report.

Our team

We are experienced in dealing with and understanding the distinct challenges faced by organizations with internationally mobile employees – both international assignees (expatriates) and business travelers.

Because expatriate benefits solutions require specialized expertise, we have a dedicated team of consultants operating globally, with centers of excellence (COEs) made up of regional hubs in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific. Our Expat COE teams have over 65 experts focused on supporting the design, development and management of global expatriate healthcare, life and disability arrangements, as well as supplemental benefits coverage for business travelers, with over 2,500 programs under management worldwide. For clients with multiple benefit programs in place due to acquisitions or regional plan management, our COE teams work in tandem to ensure alignment, compliance, and opportunities to harmonize the programs while leveraging leading expatriate benefit providers.

Expatriate Benefits Solutions credentials - described on the above paragraph
Expatriate Benefits Solutions credentials
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