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Public Sector and Education

WTW offers comprehensive solutions of insurance strategies, retirement, risk management consulting, and health benefits to fit the unique needs of public entities.

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Understanding the unique insurance needs of public entities

Public entities face a variety of unique risk exposures. Not only must these organizations operate in a time of constant economic, political and technological changes, but they must face a broad array of risks from talent shortages, cyber security, pension funding and public infrastructure. These challenges reinforce the need for renewed focus and discipline in proactively managing people and risk issues.

Real knowledge of your industry

We stay fully abreast of changes in the marketplace and in the legal and regulatory environment. This in-depth knowledge allows us to better understand the current and potential impact of emerging risks, market events, and trends — and their impact on your insurance coverage needs.

Real experience for the risks you face

WTW has the knowledge and dedicated resources to help public entities navigate this complex risk landscape. We understand the challenges and have the experience and expertise to be trusted advisors and risk management partners to your organization. Our team helps enable you to make the best decisions and implement the right solutions to manage your organization's risk to drive superior results.

Insurance programs for public sector participants

When it comes to health benefits, U.S. employers are always striving to keep the promises made to retirees and offer more choice and affordable options while capping costs and reduce Other Post-Employment Benefits Liabilities (OPEB). Additionally, with the implementation of GASB Statement 75 – which makes retiree health care liabilities more visible, and in many cases, even larger than originally understood – many employers and plan sponsors are rethinking their retiree medical strategy.

Private, or individual, marketplaces for Medicare-eligible retirees have reinvented the way retiree health benefits are delivered and are keeping the promise to offer more personalized, cost-effective health benefits delivered via a fiscally sustainable model.

Our Individual Marketplace provides the following:

  • Unparalleled experience - Since 2006, our licensed benefit advsors and online decision support tools have helped millions of retirees find the right plan for their needs and budget. Our proven implementation process has allowed hundreds of organizations to successfully transition their retirees from group to individual marketplace plans.
  • Unrivaled support for you - From implementation planning to execution, and beyond, our team of experts is here to support you.
  • Guidance for your retirees - We provide a user-centric experience that's friendly, high-touch, accurate and thorough. Ongoing advocacy services post-enrollment help keep the path forward for your retirees worry free.

When retiree heath benefits are delivered through an individual marketplace, organizations can take advantage of subsidies, buying power, and better risk pools available in the individual market to efficiently reduce program costs (and thereby associated liabilities) while increasing value for their retirees.

We've transitioned over 1.7 million retirees from group plans to our Individual Marketplace and have worked with nearly 100 public sector organizations that use our marketplace to continue delivering health benefits to their retires.

Whether looking for complete coverage for the unique risks of the public sector or transitioning your public sector retirees into a Medicare plan in the U.S., WTW has the expertise, experience, range of services and global reach necessary to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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