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Climate Quantified

Discover a smarter way to measure climate risk with comprehensive and precise physical and transition climate risk quantification that translates climate risk into financial impact.

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Make more informed climate risk management decisions with insight that reveals your path to climate resilience. You can outsmart climate uncertainty with our Climate QuantifiedTM software that translates both physical and transition climate risks into financial impact.

What are your greatest climate-related threats and opportunities in a warming world transitioning to a low-carbon economy? Get answers from Climate QuantifiedTM.

Once we’ve created your bespoke industry climate risk scenarios, the software holistically and transparently assesses the impact of the physical and transition risks that matter to your operations and assets. Climate QuantifiedTM also evaluates the impact of climate risks on your supply chain partners and customers, bringing a new level of clarity to your decision-making and the way you communicate on managing climate-related risks.

For physical risk, the tool quantifies property damage, business interruption and exposure value, both today and under future scenarios associated with diverse physical risk perils. The software also estimates changes in prices of agricultural commodities due to physical risk.

In addition, Climate QuantifiedTM lets you measure the impact of transition risk on your revenues and costs for different product categories and scenarios, plus the impact of passing those costs through to your customers.

The image shows an example of what insights the Climate QuantifiedTM tool can give your business
An example of the climate transition risk report produced by Climate QuantifiedTM. For illustrative purposes only.

Understand the financial impact of climate transition risks

  • What’s the overall impact of climate transition on your future input costs?
  • How much would demand for your products change?
  • What would be your future operating profit for each product category?
  • Would you be able to pass any transition costs through to your consumers?

Understand the financial impact of physical climate risks

  • What is your present-day and projected estimated annual losses due to physical risk perils?
  • What is your present and projected value-at-risk under different climate scenarios and timeframes up to 2050?

The tool allows us to independently model climate risks across our value chain using scenarios that are tailored to our business. We can use these scenarios to inform decisions that matter for the future of our organization, as well as reporting.”

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How Climate QuantifiedTM helps you outsmart climate risk uncertainty

Quantify your physical and transition climate risk more easily

Streamline and simplify climate risk quantification with WTW’s Climate QuantifiedTM four-step process. We collaborate with you to generate insight that enables you to assess your physical and transition climate risks more easily. Once we have the relevant data inputs from you, you can use our software to avoid lengthy or complex processes to get the analysis you need when you need it.

Our four-step process to quantifying climate risk: Risk selection, upload data, scenario inputs and summary & reports
Our four-step process to quantifying climate risk
Make better decisions with reliable climate risk data, risk engineering and financial expertise

Climate QuantifiedTM gives you precise and rigorous climate risk quantification by combining advanced climate data with our risk engineering and financial expertise. You can accurately assess the physical and transition risks impacting your assets and products using the most up-to-date climate scenarios and asset-resilience parameters.

Focus on the physical and transition climate risks that matter to you

Build your own business scenarios and generate tailored climate risk analytics and reports. Whether you need to assess the impact of drought, tropical cyclones, riverine floods, or commodity price changes, Climate QuantifiedTM provides comprehensive analysis for each product category and scenario. This customization ensures your insights are directly relevant to your business and its unique risk profile.

Monitor and manage physical and transition risks whenever you need to

You can stay on top of changing physical and transition climate risks to your business, suppliers and customers. WTW’s Climate QuantifiedTM online portal is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Helping you outsmart climate uncertainty with strategic decision-making support

Whether you’re planning future operating models, conducting due diligence on a prospective partner, or evaluating potential investments, Climate QuantifiedTM provides you with valuable analysis. By precisely assessing the financial impacts of physical and transition risks, you can make strategic choices more aligned with your business objectives and risk appetite.

Comply more easily with climate reporting requirements

Climate Quantified’s data and analysis supports your compliance with climate reporting requirements such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Inform more proactive climate risk mitigation and climate risk transfer

Get a smarter way to act on your climate risks and opportunities by plugging Climate QuantifiedTM risk analysis into our Connected Risk Intelligence risk optimization tool. Identify and implement more effective and efficient climate risk mitigation strategies.

Climate Quantified demo

A video showcasing the capabilities of WTW's new climate analytics tool, Climate Quantified.

Key features of Climate QuantifiedTM

Helps you take control of measuring climate risk – As an online software as a service (SaaS) tool, Climate QuantifiedTM helps you conduct scenario-based quantification of physical and transition risk impacts.

Delivers tailored climate risk quantification – The tool quantifies the financial impacts of physical and transition risks across your specific value chain based on your exposures and scenarios of interest. Climate QuantifiedTM enables you to build your own business scenarios to produce tailored and in-depth climate risk analytics and reports to support risk management and meeting climate risk disclosures.

Inform strategic decision-making on climate risk with transparent methodology – Each run of Climate QuantifiedTM auto-generates an executive summary, PowerPoint report and the underlying data in an Excel workbook, giving business leaders and stakeholders the reassurance of transparent scenarios, parameters and assumptions.

Optimize your climate risk management with integrated capabilities – Take the most effective and efficient action on physical and transition climate risks by plugging Climate QuantifiedTM analysis into WTW’s risk portfolio analytics, including Connected Risk Intelligence.

To discover a smarter way to measure physical and transition climate risk, get in touch with our climate risk specialists to discuss Climate QuantifiedTM.

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