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COVID-19 Survey Suite

To help the world rebound from the COVID-19 crisis, WTW has created a unique suite of three short employee surveys:

Show that you care

by understanding the impact of the crisis on your people, allowing you to respond quickly

Lead effectively through the crisis

by assessing your leadership against the critical characteristics of high-performance leaders.

Accelerate back

by ensuring your people prepared for the new normal.

The surveys are available through Engage, WTW’s employee engagement platform, which can be used in a fully self-service manner, or with the end-to-end support of our team of experts.

  • Concise, one-click survey template in English and 17 other languages
  • Easy set-up, with real-time results
  • Adjustable cadence based on your organization’s unique needs
  • Thoughtful design based on learnings from around the world
Survey #1: Impact of COVID-19 on your employees

Employees are facing a range of concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on their wellbeing and ability to work. The COVID-19 Impact Survey is designed to identify the critical issues to attend to, hot spots throughout the organization, and trends over time. It will provide insights on:

  • Immediate impact
  • Effectiveness of new work arrangements
  • Impact on health and wellbeing
  • Effectiveness of Support for employees
  • Ability to maintaining business focus
Survey #2: Leading through crisis

During times of crisis, leadership is tested, actions are judged, values are scrutinized. Your ability to adapt and evolve your business will determine your success. Grounded in research on leadership in high performance organizations, the Leading through Crisis Survey will help you explore the effectiveness of your leadership. It will provide insights on your ability to:

  • Focus on your people
  • Envision and inspire around a future vision
  • Remain Competitive in the marketplace
  • Ensure speed and agility
  • Develop a culture of trust
  • Enable individual and group performance
Survey #3: Accelerating back

Beyond the initial shock of the crisis, businesses need to reset, redefine what normal means in the new environment, and find new, sustainable operating models. The Accelerating Back from COVID Survey will identify whether you and your employees are truly prepared, providing insights on:

  • Views of employees who have remained on location, and those returning to work
  • How well you are managing furloughs
  • Whether people are inspired around your new mission and vision
  • Effectiveness of your new ways of working
  • Effectiveness of reward and benefit programs

Real Time Advice

Unique to Engage, Real Time Advice allows you to engage with individual employees immediately following the survey with dynamically personalized communications, which can be tailored for any content area, including advice designed specifically to support employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

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