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2022 Global benefits financing matrix and poolable coverages

February 7, 2022

The 2022 global benefits financing matrix provides a complete listing of the eight key global benefits networks, their affiliated insurers and their offshore capabilities.
Captive and insurance management solutions|Health and Benefits

More and more companies are taking a proactive approach to the financing of employee benefits at a global level. Actively managed multinational pooling, global underwriting and captive financing approaches yield significant financial savings opportunities. They also support broader HR initiatives and, ultimately, bring more value to employees.

With all the challenges that businesses faced since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we are seeing an increasing number of multinational companies using these approaches to bring as much value as possible to their businesses and employees.

A key component of implementing an optimized global employee benefits financing strategy is selecting the right global insurers to best meet the needs of your business.

Willis Towers Watson's 2022 global benefits financing matrix provides a complete listing of the eight global benefits networks and their affiliated insurers across 212 territories, with full details of the offshore (third-country national or expat) capabilities for each. For each country, we have listed only insurers that can provide locally admitted policies and products. Poolable coverages—life, accident, disability, medical and pension—are shown in brackets for each insurer.

Key developments seen among the global benefits networks during 2021 included the following:

  • The number of local insurer partnerships across all networks reduced slightly, although this was driven mainly by the termination of some regional relationships for some networks in the Africa region.
  • Most networks continue to look to form new partnerships in countries of strategic interest, where they currently have gaps.
  • A number of the networks have continued to experience material growth in global underwriting and captive programs. Use of multinational pooling remains stable.
  • There’s continued focus on developing solutions that align with the needs of a changing environment such as:
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion innovations
    • Digital health services and mental health services
    • Enhanced reporting and improved technology

The global benefits network market continues to evolve, and we will continue to monitor developments during 2022.

Willis Towers Watson has tremendous experience in supporting companies in identifying, implementing and managing innovative global employee benefits financing strategies that are tailored to best meet the needs of each business.

As you set your priorities for 2022, if you would like to understand how we can bring value to you in this area, please do reach out to one of the contacts listed below, or to your usual Willis Towers Watson consultant.


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