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Introduction to WTW’s climate transition risk analytics

November 22, 2022

Sarah Hopkins, head of equity, in conversation with David Nelson, the architect of WTW’s climate risk metric and senior director in the Climate & Resilience Hub.
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Climate Risk and Resilience
Introduction to WTW’s climate transition risk analytics

Sarah Hopkins & David Nelson discuss WTW's approach to climate transition risk analytics

To understand and effectively mitigate the risks of climate transition, organizations must rely on financial metrics in their analysis and approach as they seek to build diversified and robust portfolios. WTW’s Climate Transition Value at Risk offers an unparalleled way to help investors identify, measure and manage the financial risks of the transition to a low carbon global economy. This proprietary platform, part of WTW’s Climate Quantified suite of analytics, is relied on by investors, corporates and countries to build a pathway to net zero for the world rather than just for the individual portfolio.

In this video we introduce Climate Transition Value at Risk, discuss its unique methodology and describe how it’s grounded in the way that transition is likely to occur at the global level.


Head of Equity

Senior Director of Climate Transition Analytics
Climate and Resilience Hub

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