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Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance

Shield your senior leaders from claims or investigations related to their duties, providing essential personal accountability coverage.

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Directors & Officers liability insurance provides protection for senior management in the event that they are the subject of a claim or investigation arising from the performance of their duties at their company. For the directors, a policy provides personal asset protection should the employer's indemnification fail for any reason. For the company, a policy provides balance sheet protection where the company has indemnified its directors.

Yet how many directors really know what “good” looks like when it comes to D&O insurance? Are they able to understand who is typically covered, who they share that cover with, what is covered and what is not covered and what happens when they leave the organisation? We aim to impart this knowledge whilst seeking to deliver the most appropriate and tailored coverage solutions and best in class liability protections.

Why you should consider buying this insurance

Any director may face a wide range of claims relating to their day-to-day management of the company. In today's difficult environment claims can arise from a variety of sources:

  • The company – in most jurisdictions directors owe their primary duty of care to their company and may therefore face claims brought against them by the company.
  • Security holders (shareholders and bondholders) – worldwide security laws usually provide courses of action for shareholders to pursue directors and the company where they have suffered a financial loss due to the wrongdoing of a director.
  • Regulators / Government Bodies – in most jurisdictions regulators are usually given powers to investigate and hand down fines and penalties.
  • Competitors – any breach of competition laws could result in competitors filing an action against directors.
  • Liquidators – in the event of liquidation proceedings the administrators can bring a claim on behalf of the company for any breach of duty.
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