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Airline Startups

As airline startups design, prepare and build the foundations of their company for launch, they may face several potential challenges, however we do not believe insurance purchase should be one of them.

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With the recent flurry of new airline startups WTW is delighted to launch an interactive insurance toolkit which helps startups understand their risk landscape and complex insurance requirements. This has been designed to guide airline startups through all aspects of the insurance process, delivering clarity and insight on 5 key questions:

  1. Why you need insurance
  2. Who will help you secure the insurance you need
  3. The types of insurance required, plus some other considerations
  4. When you should start the process and the time needed from start to finish
  5. How your insurance is secured and negotiated in the international insurance markets

With the right strategy, approach and timely execution, the process will be a smooth one and our insurance toolkit will enable you to build a robust framework meeting all your needs now and into the future.

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