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WTW Absence Management

Get a better grip on absenteeism, disability, costs and employability.

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WTW Absence Management and intermediary that maximises your working capital thanks to its experience and expertise.

Are you working with a traditional partner for your absence services? Are you wondering how you can reduce absence time? Do you feel there is more financial benefit to be gained from absenteeism services?

You'll find the answer in the insights you gain from absence data. This makes it possible to maximise your funding streams and develop a long-term wellbeing strategy.

Is your absenteeism strategy ready for tomorrow?

Disability costs in The Netherlands are rising rapidly. Absenteeism among employers is on the rise. Just think of the increase in absenteeism due to psychological problems, for instance. Laws and regulations continue to change, from 2024, for example, you are obliged to provide an ESG report. As an employer you want to tackle these challenges, because your employees are crucial for the continuity of your company or organisation.

Get to know WTW's services and be inspired by our community of HR professionals. WTW is your experienced, reliable and efficient partner to support you with absenteeism issues. WTW offers a comprehensive approach to efficiently deal with absenteeism, disability and optimising employability.

Why employers choose absenteeism services from WTW

More and more large and medium-sized companies and organisations are working with WTW to reduce absenteeism and optimise employability. Here are the main reasons for their choice:

  • Integrated approach professionals, funding and process
  • Thinking along and steering on objectives
  • Proactive partner with in-depth knowledge
  • Proven reliability through long history

Our unique approach

Continuous optimisation

Absence and disability involve numerous factors and many stakeholders. By continuously analysing, monitoring and optimising the entire process, we create an approach that results in optimal employability of employees.

Maximum funding

Knowledge of the various funding possibilities available to WTW enables you to make maximum use of the available schemes. Our clients save up to 30% on costs for absenteeism interventions.

In-depth knowledge

WTW's experience, expertise, software and partnerships -including those with our medical implementation partners- are unrivalled in the market.

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Why WTW?

WTW is the proactive business partner for wellness, prevention, absenteeism and WGA. We offer combination capabilities in insurance solutions, file advice and risk assessment WIA, risk management, policy advice and WGA case management.

WTW is characterised by

Flexible deployment

We adapt our services on a modular basis according to the needs of the organisation.

Targeted support

Our expert support ensures that complex and long-term absences receive proper attention, with the aim of effective employee reintegration.

Fast follow-up

When complex and long-term absenteeism occurs, our professionals are quickly deployed to realise a thorough analysis of the absenteeism problem.

Clear results

Trends and developments are made clear to the employer for evaluation, resulting in lower costs and higher quality through improved employability and employee well-being.

Want to know more about WTW Absence Management?

Would you like to talk to a WTW consultant about the possibilities and advantages of our Absence management for your organisation? Please contact our consultant Henk Klos. We look forward to getting to know you.

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