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Radar: How it works

Radar has revolutionised how insurers can analyse, assess and implement pricing and underwriting decisions.

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Radar allows you to use data in tandem with the latest analytical machine learning approaches to improve pricing, claims and underwriting performance.


Unleash the value from your data

Powerful, accessible and well-governed predictive modelling and machine learning focused on insurance industry needs.

  • Interpretable machine learning. Be able to explain your models and data.
  • Automate without compromise. Automate for efficiency and effectiveness without compromising your business goals.
  • Enable analytics at scale. Manage the complex model landscape.


Use analysis to decide your direction

Leverage insight from data and predictive models to derive pricing and underwriting rules and portfolio management actions.

  • Accessible insight and improved decision making. Use machine learning to understand the impact of different pricing scenarios.
  • Be proactive. Perform real-team interactive testing of strategies.
  • Optimisation – where regulation allows, calculate optimised prices to meet real-world goals.


Deliver insights and quotations without constraint

Make fast, flexible and agile decisions and execute models in real time for policy administration systems, claims solutions and underwriting personnel


Know your business

Ensure continued business performance through monitoring and automated modelling, driving insight and suggested improvements.


Maximise value from your resources without compromise

Radar enables you to automate for efficiency and effectiveness without compromising business goals.


Leverage your data assets

Radar provides a range of connections allowing you to leverage internal and external data quickly and easily.


Use open-source to innovate and add value

Radar is integrated with open-source solutions, allowing models and algorithms to be easily included in your analyses.


A robust governance process that is auditable and secure

It is important to understand what decisions you are making and who is taking these decisions. Radar provides a transparent approach to understand the rating changes to ensure we are implementing what you think you are.


Ready to see Radar in action?

Find out how the world’s leading insurance groups are using Radar to deliver superior pricing and underwriting.

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