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Environmental, social and governance

Successful environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies enable organizations around the world to make informed, intelligent and integrated decisions to unlock opportunities, stay ahead in a continuously changing landscape and build long-term sustainable value.

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As a company, WTW focuses on ESG in our internal programs and operations, which form the basis of our ESG report. It is also an area where we support our clients to further our purpose to transform tomorrows.

Seven ways we demonstrate our commitment to ESG

  1. 01

    Conducting our business based on our Code of Conduct and our company values, which emphasize managing all relationships with fairness, decency and good citizenship

  2. 02

    Partnering with our clients and communities to help address their social and economic challenges through a combination of our business services and corporate programs

  3. 03

    Fostering a culture of mutual respect and security, an inclusive and diverse work environment, an array of professional development opportunities, safe working conditions and fair hiring and labor standards

  4. 04

    Implementing substantial information security safeguards, policies, standards and controls aligned with ISO 27001

  5. 05

    Strengthening our communities through philanthropic activities, including matching gifts and volunteer day programs that provide our colleagues with paid opportunities to volunteer their time and amplify their charitable giving through gift matching

  6. 06

    Minimizing our environmental impact and carbon emissions by making improvements to energy efficiency in our operations, leveraging technology to reduce our need for business travel, promoting recycling, minimizing the waste we send to landfill, purchasing environmentally responsible office supplies and encouraging our colleagues to adopt environmentally responsible habits

  7. 07

    Improving our suppliers' ESG impacts by increasing our demand for and use of goods that are developed in a sustainable way and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, tracking supplier diversity, including ESG questions and evaluation criteria within our procurement processes, and having in place a supplier contract that stipulates all operations must be conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws in connection with the contract

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