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Geopolitical risk – Prevent and protect

As the geopolitical landscape changes, so must the way in which risk leaders protect their businesses. A thorough understanding of the interlinked geopolitical risk drivers and their impacts provides a strong foundation for prevention and protection against them.

Interconnected risks require integrated solutions. We help organisations to align internally to build cross border resilience plans, select optimal risk mitigation and transfer options and enhance defences against wide-reaching risks. Solutions must be tailored and address insurable and non-insurable risks seamlessly.

Where possible, we help clients prevent events happening, or at least minimise the impact if they do occur. This is delivered through a combination of industry-led and geopolitical risk consulting, leading to risk mitigation and insurance solutions. Crisis management and business continuity planning will be integrated with specialist insurances to support organisations’ risk appetites and reduce their total cost of risk.

We help organisations to look beyond the risks and exploit the opportunities they present.

Geopolitical risk protection solutions include:

  • Political risk/violence insurance
  • Reputational risk insurance
  • Terrorism Insurance
  • Active assailant insurance and response
  • Cyber insurance programme advisory solutions and placements
  • Captive reserve funding solutions
  • Facultative and treaty reinsurance solutions
  • Alternative risk
  • Credit risk insurance
  • Loss of attraction insurance
  • Personal insurance tailored for business travellers in high risk regions
  • Environmental Reinsurance
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
  • Non-damage business interruption
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