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Relocation Risk Group

We provide insurance, risk management and claims solutions designed specifically for the mobility industry.

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Even when handled by the best moving systems in the world, damage to your customer's goods is a possibility.

Focusing specifically on the global mobility industry, our Relocation Risk Group provides insurance, risk management and claims products and services.

Selecting an insurance and risk management advisor to partner with is a crucial decision at many levels. You are relying on their industry expertise to provide comprehensive household goods (HHG) coverage at competitive rates. They also become an extension of your service team, particularly when interacting with your customers during the claims settlement process. An effective partner must have specific skills and competency to satisfy your needs and those of your customers.

Understanding the importance of financial solvency, regulatory compliance and transparency, we bring a global perspective and local knowledge laws and regulations to effectively and legally administer the HHG protection programs we offer.

Transparency: Are you asking the right questions?

We are fully transparent, providing clients with separate disclosures on all premium costs, broker fees and underwriting ratings. If your current broker is unable to provide you with this level of assurance, you might want to consider addressing the following questions:

  • Does our broker understand our industry, our challenges and our needs?
  • Is our current program optimized in terms of coverage, value and cost?
  • Does our broker provide technology solutions to fit our needs?
  • Does our broker consider HHG claims adjustment as customer service?
  • Is our broker and the insurance companies they represent financially solvent?
  • Do we receive the appropriate claims reports and advice to enable us to improve?
  • Is our program compliant?
  • Is our broker compliant in countries where we operate?
  • Is our broker transparent? Do they identify premium costs and broker costs separately?


  1. Household goods protection programs

    • Comprehensive coverage/competitive rates
    • Global, direct claims settling capabilities
    • Web-based program management
    • Total program spend analysis
    • Regulatory compliance
  2. Benefits programs / third-party claims settlement

    • International and domestic capabilities
    • Subrogation services
    • Detailed loss and risk management reports
  3. Personal insurance products

    • International and domestic policies
    • High net worth individuals program
    • Confidential risk management counseling
  4. Vacant home protection

    • Property and liability protection
    • Monthly reporting
  5. Safety and security programs

    • Awareness and avoidance training
    • Kidnap/ransom and extortion protection
    • Incident response services
    • Business traveler safety counseling
  6. Domestic and international benefits programs

    • Global accident and health benefits
    • International pension consulting
    • High risk benefits protection
    • Business traveler life/benefits/disability
  7. Catastrophic risk management

    • Pre-disaster planning
    • Evacuation programs and protection
    • Business continuity planning
  8. Relocation risk consulting

    • Risk spectrum analysis
    • Risk driver analysis (systemic/fortuitous)
    • Relocation risk mapping and more

Claims and customer service

The Willis Towers Watson Relocation Risk Group prides itself in delivering high-quality and flexible claims-adjusting and settlement services worldwide. We provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and in-depth and advanced claims settling experience. Some additional benefits our clients enjoy and have access to include:

  • In-house claims settling capabilities and authority
  • Multi-lingual capabilities (English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese) to assist with claims process
  • Assisting claimants with claim forms, repair estimates and salvage process
  • Assigning surveyors or repair companies when necessary and required by claimants and/or customers
  • Negotiating claims settlements directly with underwriters
  • A network of adjusters and surveyors worldwide
  • Issuing of checks or wire transfers in different currencies and to any part of the world

Additionally, we provide our clients with claims/shipments report during renewal, quarterly, monthly or by request as needed. We can also provide and assist in preparing all necessary documents to guide you and your clients to better covering shipments. When it comes to special shipments, we can assist and guide you through the process of preparing coverage. If you need to change your policy or review a claims escalation, we can assist and approve in that process.

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