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Infographic: 2021 Annual enrollment communication trends

May 3, 2021

Communication can make or break the employee experience. Explore the latest trends as you prepare to make annual enrollment a success despite today’s challenges.
Employee Experience
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This year, we need to meet employees wherever they are.

Employers continue to prioritize benefits communication, employee listening and digital strategies as we head toward Annual Enrollment for 2022.

Communication can make or break the employee experience. Don't stop communicating.

Effective communication is essential for getting value and ROI out of your benefits programs.

68% of employers indicate communication of benefits and wellbeing programs is their most important benefit priority, a finding consistent with surveys conducted in April and June 2020.

The shift to personalized, digital communication continues.

72% - the majority of employers are offering or expanding access to digital engagement solutions.

Technology enables delivery of personalized and targeted messaging, which drives awareness of your programs to those who are most interested/relevant.

Now is the time to prepare for a personalized, digital experience this Annual Enrollment. Then, consider deploying those digital offerings for year-round engagement.

Capturing the voice of the employee

Employee priorities have shifted as a result of the pandemic, and employers must listen and respond.

Employers are listening to employees and using the data to identify those most in need of support across various workforce segments.

69% have or are planning to conduct a broad-based employee survey. 47% have or are planning to conduct virtual focus groups.

What to consider as you plan for Annual Enrollment

Employers are optimizing their programs, while employees are rebalancing their lives… So it’s time to plan to help them make the right choices to reset their benefits this fall.

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