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Continuing education seminar series for the insurance industry

Wednesdays with Willis Towers Watson

December 1, 2021

Access the recordings from our webinar series and take advantage of the opportunity to get continuing education credits.
Insurance Consulting and Technology
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Webinar series


Designing New Pricing Variables (P&C)
On December 8, Willis Towers Watson experts explored how to improve pricing structures to compete more effectively in the marketplace and deliver a significant impact to your bottom line.
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Talking trends: P&C opportunities for 2022 and beyond
On November 17, Willis Towers Watson experts shared their perspectives on current and upcoming hot topics in the P&C insurance industry.
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Future of predictive analytics and innovation (Life)
On October 20, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed key findings and trends from our 2020/2021 Life Predictive Analytics Survey and examined the ethical implications of big data, predictive models and artificial intelligence.
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Embedding automation into your business to advance transformation (Life and P&C)
On September 29, Willis Towers Watson experts explored current and future industry trends for automation, and they discussed a few factors to consider when implementing an automation solution.
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New ways of working for value generation (Life and P&C)
On August 25, Willis Towers Watson experts explored strategies for adapting to flexible work and shared how insurers are reinventing jobs to achieve positive business outcomes.
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Trends and opportunities in U.S. life insurance and annuity pricing practices (Life)
On July 28, Willis Towers Watson experts covered the findings from two pricing surveys and explored potential actions for insurers.
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Dynamic pricing: Evolving in a changing market with advanced analytics and machine learning (P&C)
On June 23, Willis Towers Watson experts explored three key levers in pricing that will improve your company’s financial performance and explained the benefits of integrating dynamic pricing.
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Reserving through a pandemic (P&C)
On May 19, Willis Towers Watson experts shared insights from Willis Towers Watson’s 2020 year-end reserve season and explored new approaches for quantifying COVID-19-related-workers compensation losses.
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Climate change: Why it matters to insurers (Life and P&C)
On April 28, Willis Towers Watson experts explored the types of climate risks, the regulatory environment and ways for insurers to respond.
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Continued momentum in M&A and PRT activity: What does this mean for your business? (Life)
On March 24, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed the key trends and drivers of life and annuity M&A and reinsurance transactions and provided insights on the developing pension risk transfer market.
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Effective Business Communication – Conveying Your Key Messages, Information and Ideas in the Most Credible, Impactful and Persuasive Manner (Life and P&C)
On February 10, a Willis Towers Watson expert covered the different business communication styles, how to tailor your approach for impact, and ways to maintain control and engagement in the virtual environment.
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Automation in Capital Modeling – Enabling Business Insights That Were Previously out of Reach (P&C)
On January 27, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed how your capital model can be automated, best practice approaches to automation, and capital modeling opportunities made possible through the use of automation.
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Covinions – The Intersection of COVID-19 and Actuarial Opinions (P&C)
On November 18, Willis Towers Watson experts examined how the pandemic affects the development of reserves and the writing of Statements of Actuarial Opinion.
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Do you know whether your sales are profitable? (Life)
On October 21, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed the key decisions that go into developing Value of New Business metrics and how life insurers use these metrics to improve their financial performance.
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Digital Transformation and Modern Insurance Technology Trends (Life and P&C)
On September 30, Willis Towers Watson experts explored underlying technologies and key building blocks that are supporting the industry today and provided observations on the digital trends that are consistently making the top of the C-suite wish list.
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P&C Reserving in 2020
On August 26, Willis Towers Watson experts provided observations from our 2019 Property and Casualty Client Reserving Survey, shared insights on U.S. P&C COVID-19 losses and explored how Reserving departments are preparing for the future.
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Exploring Asset Adequacy Test Challenges and Solutions in a Low Interest Rate Environment (Life)
On August 12, Willis Towers Watson experts shared insights on preparing balance sheets, models and assumptions for year-end asset adequacy testing. Also, they addressed how the current interest rate environment affects the process.
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Emergent Trends in AI Applications for Insurance (P&C)
On August 5, Willis Towers Watson experts explored how insurance problems can be addressed with artificial intelligence applications.
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What is new with financial reporting for insurers? (Life and P&C)
On July 15, Willis Towers Watson experts covered the main changes to the IFRS 17 standard, findings from the global IFRS 17 survey and updates to US GAAP LDTI standards.
Webcast replay

How to Build a Robust Decision-Making Framework for Personal Lines (P&C)
On July 1, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed the value and key components of the framework for your pricing and product strategy.
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Machine Learning Methods in P&C Pricing
On June 17, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed commonly used methods, how they apply to pricing and some results from our recent P&C Insurance Advanced Analytics Survey.
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Private-Passenger Auto Insurance and Coronavirus
On June 10, Willis Towers Watson experts recapped recent market developments, discussed key challenges related to modeling for pricing and explained how scenario testing can help inform insurers’ strategic decisions during these uncertain times.
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Life and Annuity Products in a COVID-19 Economy
On June 3, Willis Towers Watson experts explored trends and product features and discussed the challenges life insurers are facing in the current environment.
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Dynamic Pricing for Life Insurance and Analytics for Group Insurance
On May 27, Willis Towers Watson experts shared a few techniques that can enhance your margins and profitability – even in this challenging environment.
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Asset Liability Management in a COVID-19 Economy (Life)
On May 20, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed the financial risks that stem from the pandemic and outlined how life insurers can manage the risk of loss.
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Auto Insurance Pricing: What’s New and What Remains the Same (Life)
On May 13, a Willis Towers Watson expert provided a market overview and explored rating trends and a pricing framework as well as other relevant topics.
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Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on P&C Insurers
On May 6, Willis Towers Watson experts examined how health and economic scenarios impact general liability, directors and officers liability, auto, workers compensation, employment practices liability, business interruption and medical malpractice.
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Workflow Automation to Enhance Efficiency, Controls and Profits (Life and P&C)
On April 29, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed how automation supports greater resilience and how insurers are benefiting from using it.
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The Bionic Insurers (Life and P&C)
On April 22, a Willis Towers Watson expert discussed how advances in technology are changing traditional roles across the insurance sector as well as the skills and tools that can help insurers meet shifting short-term business needs while repositioning for future growth.
Webcast replay

Impacts on Life Insurers from COVID-19
On April 15, Willis Towers Watson experts discussed the business impacts of COVID-19 and shared the results of two Willis Towers Watson surveys of insurers and reinsurers about plans and actions concerning COVID-19.
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