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2020 Global benefits financing matrix and poolable coverages

February 20, 2020

The 2020 Global benefits financing matrix provides a complete listing of the nine key global benefits networks, their affiliated insurers and their offshore capabilities.
Captive and insurance management solutions|Health and Benefits

Global employers continue to look for the most effective financing strategies for their benefits programs. Multinational pooling, employee benefits captives and global underwriting solutions offer untapped potential for multinational companies to save money on their insurable benefits around the world. By better leveraging your global purchasing power through these innovative arrangements, you can maximize cost savings for employee benefit programs and optimize nonfinancial benefits, such as improved service, control and underwriting.

Willis Towers Watson's 2020 global benefits financing matrix provides a complete listing of the nine global benefits networks, and their affiliated insurers across 212 territories and the offshore (third-country national or expat) capabilities for each. For each country, we have listed only insurers that can provide local admitted policies and products. Poolable coverages — life, accident, disability, medical and pension — are shown in brackets for each insurer.

In this year’s version, we have listed AIA for the first time, as a regional global benefits network for the Asia Pacific region.

As a specialist in this field, Willis Towers Watson looks forward to helping you maximize cost savings via your pooling, global underwriting and captive arrangements. We can assist clients in all elements of benefits financing arrangements, including:

  • Multinational pooling, captive, global underwriting arrangements feasibility assessment and implementation
  • Global benefit financing strategy development
  • Performance assessments of current global benefits financing arrangements and local financing alternatives
  • Ongoing management of pooling, global underwriting or captive arrangements — an area where many companies are looking for external help
  • Participation in our exclusive Captive User Group meetings, which have been running successfully for nearly two decades, as well as other round-table discussions on benefits financing subjects
  • Developing the right benefits financing solution for your organization

We will continue to monitor changes in the nine global benefits networks and be available to update you on any major changes that occur across the global insurance provider market.


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