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Better Equities

Look to redefine “active”


May 17, 2018

In a market environment of low expected returns from beta, we believe investors are more in need than ever of active management.

We believe investors can build a better equity portfolio by:

  • Looking to increase the return potential – we believe focused, high-conviction equity portfolios are more likely to outperform after fees in the long run.
  • Seek to increase the odds of achieving those returns – diversify across a number of managers that have complementary approaches.
  • Achieving this at potentially no extra cost than traditional approaches.

Getting the best from active management is not easy. To generate better returns than the cd means going beyond the status quo of active equity. This paper talks about our approach to building a better equity portfolio and explains how the approach increases the chances of long-term success in equity investing.

Figure 1. What do investors need from their equity investments?

Investor need What we have done
1 Seek to increase long-term returns Designed products with greater potential to add value
2 Seek to reduce the risk of underperformance Improved portfolio construction approach focusing on greater diversity
3 Seek to reduce cost Driven down all costs and expenses
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