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Webinar Replay: Building resilience in your risk transfer strategies

May 12, 2020

Our experts introduce the tools to kickstart your Insurance optimization journey and immediate next steps that risk managers may need to take to optimize their risk transfer strategies.
Risk & Analytics
Insurance Optimization in Turbulent Times

Watch our replay to learn more.

In this webinar, our experts explored the following:

  • Insurance Trends Updates
  • Typical Insurance Procurement Uncertainties
  • What is Insurance Optimization?
  • How can Insurance Optimization help?
  • What are the next steps?

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Building resilience in your risk transfer strategies and gaining the most value out of insurance


Director, Strategic Risk Consulting
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Regional Director, Risk and Analytics
Willis Towers Watson
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Chee Whye Loh
Head of Sales, Corporate Risk and Broking

Head of Sales & Client Management, Asia
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