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Competency Library

Do you have a framework that aligns your organization’s goals with your talent? The right competency framework can inspire change, set leadership expectations and help develop and identify key talent.

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Where business and human goals meet

Identifying the right employee competencies is imperative for meeting business challenges such as growth, mergers and acquisitions, and shifts in business focus or organizational transformation. An effective employee competency architecture provides definition and scope for core, leadership, and functional skills. Assessing employee competencies helps drive progress and performance in career management programs by defining the desired behaviors, knowledge and skills that complement business goals and objectives.

The WTW Core Competency Library

Our Core Competency Library is a comprehensive set of behavioral competencies covering the full spectrum of employee, manager and leader behaviors within an organization. The Core Competency Library addresses our clients' changing business environments and needs. It incorporates the latest trends and thinking in competency management.

We support clients to develop competency frameworks utilizing our off the shelf Core Competency Library or by creating customized competency frameworks. We can also help clients add Technical Skills and Functional Accountabilities to their framework, leveraging the W&R Data Science Team and market skill scan capabilities.

Our Core Competency Library:

  • Contains definitions of 45 core behavioral competencies in 7 clusters with observable, measurable behaviors outlined for each;
  • Are scaled in alignment with WTW’s Career Map;
  • Are delivered in Excel (note: we are working on implementing a technology delivery mechanism by the end of 2023).

Get the most from your talent. Let's take your employee competencies to a new level together.
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