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Transforming Work

The meaning of work has changed

The key dimensions of work – the what, who, when and where – are changing rapidly. Economic, social, labor, political and environmental fluctuations coupled with rapid advances in artificial intelligence are creating new disruptions and opportunities for transforming work.

Organizations need to have the people, technology and knowledge all working together. Organizations need to plan not just for the present, but for the future success of the whole organization.

How will your organization’s work transform for future success?

The answer? An integrated Work Ecosystem. And WTW can show you the way.

Work Transformation

Provides the what, who, when and where of how organizations achieve their purpose

Transforming work – enabling your organization's purpose

Through what, how and where work gets done

Work ecosystem: Provides the what, who, when and where of how organizations achieve their purpose. Work transformation solutions: Organizational design – optimizing organizational structures, Work models – assessing and redesigning work, Workforce planning – forecasting people resource needs. External drivers: Business direction, Talent market dynamics, Disruptive technologies. Desired output: Enhance employee experience, Reduced workforce risk, Optimized business performance.
Figure 1: Work Ecosytem

We help you meet the challenges of a new work ecosystem. We help you identify emerging skills and drivers of engagement for all your talent. We provide approaches and tools that help you tackle critical challenges related to the transformation of work – organizational design, work models and strategic workforce planning.

Enabling your organization's purpose.


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