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Ukraine: New paid paternity leave and expanded annual leave for some fathers

By Michael Brough | June 11, 2021

Ukraine employers should update existing leave policies to comply with changes in annual paid leave entitlements for fathers.
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Employer Action Code: Act

The Ukrainian Labor Code now entitles new fathers to paid paternity leave, expands eligibility for the leave to other family members in certain circumstances and provides additional annual leave for fathers with two or more young children.

Key details

Law No. 1401-IX, effective May 9, 2021, provides for the following:

  • Employer-paid paternity leave of up to 14 calendar days (excluding public holidays and designated non-working days). In the event the child is being raised by a single parent, paternity leave may be claimed by another family member caring for the child (e.g., a grandparent). Previously, paternity leave was unpaid and available only to the father of the child.
  • Additional employer-paid annual leave of 10 calendar days (excluding public holidays and designated non-working days) for parents with two or more children under age 15 (or a disabled child of any age). Previously, this additional annual leave was for mothers only.
  • Equal rights for either parent to claim unpaid parental leave (until the child reaches age three; age six for disabled children). Previously, mothers had priority on claiming parental leave. Moreover, the ability to request part-time work and work-from-home arrangements during parental leave is now available to fathers as well.

Employer implications

Among companies surveyed by Willis Towers Watson, enhanced family-related leave benefits beyond mandatory minimum requirements are rare. Expanding the entitlement of additional annual leave to fathers with two or more children under age 15 increases their total annual leave entitlement from 24 to 34 calendar days, in advance of the 2021 summer holidays. Employers are encouraged to review their existing leave policies and budget planning to ensure that they comply with the new legislation.


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