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Intellectual Property Risk Management

Intellectual Property (IP) rights protect intellectual capital, your most valuable asset. However, IP risk poses a threat not only to your intellectual capital but also to your financial success.

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By understanding the nature of your IP risk and quantifying the potential financial impact, organizations can effectively evaluate their options and make informed decisions.

What is IP?

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

What are the components of IP risk?

IP risk can be broken down into property and casualty exposures. However, most standard lines of insurance do not adequately cover IP exposures.


  • Loss of IP through theft, departing employees, successful legal challenges
  • Costs to enforce IP, anti-counterfeiting costs, costs to defend IP against legal challenges, recruiting & retention costs


  • Injunction risk if found to infringe others’ IP, settlement/damages costs or IP indemnification obligations
  • Costs to challenge asserted patents or trademarks, costs to defend against infringement claims or theft of IP claims (such as by employees)

How can we help you manage the financial impact of IP risk?

  • People: To grow your intellectual capital, you need to attract and retain talent. We can assist with providing metrics around who is responsible for the IP that is key to your organization. As you collaborate with customers, suppliers, and share intellectual capital, we can assist in managing and quantifying IP ownership and infringement risk. To protect your intellectual capital, we can help you encourage behavior that respects IP rights.
  • Capital: To protect your balance sheet, we help you take action to quantify the potential financial impact of IP exposures. We offer proprietary software to model your IP exposures, have developed models to predict and quantify IP risk, and through our Connected Risk Intelligence platform, can demonstrate how IP risk fits within your overall portfolio of risks. Armed with this information and insight, we can work with you to determine the most efficient way to finance IP risk.
  • Risk: We have a global IP Center of Excellence focused on assessing, quantifying, and managing the financial impact of IP risk. In addition to our analytic tools, we have a proprietary IP insurance application form and enhanced IP policy wording with a leading IP insurance provider. We have a dedicated IP insurance placement team, alternative risk transfer and captive management specialists with IP experience, and claims advocates who have extensive experience managing claims on IP policies.
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