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Compensation Software

Take the pain out of complex pay decisions with intuitive compensation software, rich pay data and advanced compensation planning analytics all in one great package.

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Benchmark more quickly and efficiently with powerful software

When designing and managing compensation programs, you need software that reduces complexity and supports decision making. With a modern interface, simple navigation and interactive tutorials, WTW Compensation Software ensures your pay programs are competitive and effectively attract and retain the employees you need to succeed in the new world of work.

Use our Compensation Software alongside WTW’s survey participation portal to get the most from your pay data so you can focus on strategic and efficient business decisions, fast.

Smart software for busy compensation and HR professionals

Leverage the power of data and software

Productivity amplified

Automate your data assembly and survey submissions so you can dedicate more time to innovating and designing game-changing approaches to pay and rewards, uncovering trends, and providing better insights.

The highest data quality and consistency

Control quality and access through a single interface rather than multiple spreadsheets or databases. Track changes across time zones and locations. Eliminate confusion, overwrites and errors.

Secure and protected confidential data

Protect pay data through a secure, cloud-based platform that delivers significant cost savings for data storage infrastructure and long-term maintenance.

Compensation made easy

With a full suite of compensation management tools, WTW Compensation Software helps you create and support a pay-for-performance culture that optimizes your investment in and development of great people.

Data Interactive Module

Elevate your understanding of where the talent market is heading by customizing your compensation data.

Access, configure and customize WTW compensation reports via Data Interactive.

  • View, configure and download presentation-ready reports
  • Export data in a variety of formats in one click
  • Select currencies, define aging parameters select data elements and percentiles
  • Define custom peer groups to focus on the most relevant talent markets
  • Combine survey jobs to create bespoke job matches
  • Optimize your benchmarking capabilities and data investment by leveraging our ‘best match’ algorithm
  • Display your job and employee-level data against the market data for easy benchmarking

Analytics and Design Module

Solve your most complex pay challenges with advanced analytics and design capabilities

Automate competitive market analytics to streamline processes, generate insights and design and manage innovative pay programs that make the best use of your limited compensation budgets.

  • Automate survey matching using sophisticated business rules that are configurable for your organization’s needs
  • Market price jobs using data from multiple vendors
  • Auto-refresh matches as updated survey data become available
  • Speed up salary survey participation activities
  • Develop and manage market-based salary structures or job-specific market reference ranges
  • Conduct cost impact analyses that inform design and help manage position against market
  • Model key compensation actions through bring-to-target and Merit Matrix analytics
  • Generate (global/regional/national standard reports, configure your own or dive into our interactive analytics to explore your data
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