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Talent is the most critical asset of every successful organisation. By unlocking the potential of your talent, WTW helps fuel your organisation’s growth.

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Why WTW?

We believe people create competitive advantage. The ambitions of organisations are inextricably tied to those of their teams.  The most successful organisations power ambition by engaging their people in a better working experience. Because wherever people flourish, organisations prosper.

Even the most visionary leaders struggle with how to create a better work experience. After all, technology, globalisation and rapid innovation continue to disrupt the workplace, changing the nature of what we do and the skill requirements to do it. At the same time, today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce is more agile than ever – accustomed to working anywhere, anytime, and expecting an increasingly personalised, consumer-grade experience.

With rapid change comes opportunity: How might we reimagine the way we nurture and grow talent so that both individuals and the organisation realise their collective ambitions?

WTW can help your organisation change, grow and thrive by working to understand your challenges and goals – and providing solutions that couple our extensive experience and employee research with a deep understanding of your business. We work with you to uncover practical insights that help you hire, build, lead and engage the talent you need to be successful. Ultimately, combining the right advice, data, analytics and software, we design and deliver a work experience that powers the ambitions of your people today — and shapes the workforce you need for the future.

The WTW Difference:
Powering ambition to help your organisation change, grow and thrive.

We partner with you to achieve your organisational priorities by unlocking opportunities to engage and inspire your workforce:

Unleash the power of analytics and technology

Insights from data and analytics are transforming how employers source, recruit, manage and engage talent in meaningful work experiences. More specifically, we can help you:

  • Analyse current and future talent needs, and assess whether you are attracting and retaining the right talent.
  • Identify and predict talent trends and workforce challenges.
  • Build a holistic listening strategy, utilising various survey and virtual focus group data, to understand what your workforce values and spark insights that drive engagement and business results.

Shape compelling work experiences.

We partner with organisations to shape high-impact and personalised work experiences by clearly shaping their:

  1. Purpose

    Make work more meaningful by helping your talent understand and connect with your organisation's purpose, shaped by its mission, vision, values and the Talent Value Proposition (TVP)

  2. Work

    Expectations around the work experience have changed. Support your talent with the tools, resources, technology and environment they need to deliver meaningful work that aligns with their expectations – and yours.

  3. People

    Build an inclusive, diverse workforce that fosters strong, supportive relationships among peers, managers and leaders, delivering a high-value work experience.

  4. Total Rewards

    With an understanding of the rewards and experience that workers value most, you can build a robust Total Rewards portfolio that includes competitive pay, benefits, wellbeing and career opportunities

Deliver the consumer-grade experience your people expect.

Successful delivery is critical to shifting your plan from simply good intentions to a truly high-impact experience. WTW can help you:

  • Break through. Identify the right blend of technology and communication channels to break through the clutter and help your talent connect with the organisation.
  • Target. Leverage employee data and insights to tailor content about the work experience and address their unique needs and interests.
  • Personalise. Deliver personalised messages using a mix of channels – from portals to social media.

WTW designs and delivers better work experiences for people, which helps organisations to change, grow and thrive.

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