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Survey Report

The Future of Financial Wellbeing Survey 2021

Building financial resilience in a post pandemic world

May 18, 2021

We examine the current state of financial wellbeing programmes in the UK, why organisations are focussing on financial wellbeing and what they wish to achieve by doing so.
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Below we summarise some of the key facts from our Future of Financial Wellbeing survey. To receive a copy of our report, complete the form on the right, or below on a mobile device.

The Future of Financial Wellbeing Survey 2021 - description below

Increasingly there is a focus on developing a financial wellbeing strategy

Four in five employers are looking to develop a financial wellbeing strategy that is effectively communicated and delivered in the next two years.

Why the focus on financial wellbeing?

Key reasons for employers include:

  • Support broader wellbeing initiatives (88%)
  • Enhance benefits package (68%)
  • Duty of care (60%)

A broad agenda for change

Employers are planning changes in the following areas:

  • Enhanced communication and decision support around financial wellbeing (67%)
  • Improved data to measure outcomes and employee behaviour/views (48%)
  • Enhanced/integrated delivery of benefit programmes (39%)
  • Change benefits designs, new benefit options (33%)
  • Additional funding, flexible benefits (20%)

Employers open to encouraging savings

49% of employers are thinking to add new workplace savings options (share plans, corporate ISA or LISA accounts, pension sidecar, etc.)

However, pension provision is still a priority, but wider savings and debt solutions are gaining interest

Employers planning to provide greater assistance in:

  • Savings for retirement (79%)
  • Debt solutions (55%)
  • Emergency savings (48%)
  • Saving for housing (35%)
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