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ESG Directors’ liability series – Environmental risk

By Angus Duncan | November 17, 2020

Why is ESG is an increasing exposure for Directors & Officers? This is the first of a three part webinar series that will focus on potential liabilities resulting from the "E", "S" and "G" in turn. Our first webinar focuses on the Environmental risks.
ESG and Sustainability|Financial, Executive and Professional Risks (FINEX)
ESG Directors’ Liabilities – Environmental Risk

We are pleased to announce the launch of our three-part ESG Directors’ Liabilities seminar. Throughout this series we discuss the liabilities that directors may face in each key area of ESG; Environmental, Social and Governance. Our first one which you can re-watch above focuses on the E, Environmental.

ESG is a broad term but with three main components; Environmental, Social and Governance. These topics are becoming increasingly more important, but what is it all about?


This refers to natural resources and includes topics such as climate change, sustainability and pollution. We talk about the Environmental aspects of ESG in the webinar featured on this page.


This refers to how a company treats its employees and covers topics such as humans rights, standards of labour, health and safety, inclusion and diversity, and how a company manages its talent.

Re-watch the webinar >


Governance is one that directors and officers may be most familiar with and covers topics such as board structures and remuneration, business ethics, accounts standards, data security and privacy, and much more.

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