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Executive Compensation Surveys

Our quality executive compensation surveys help companies make sound and defensible decisions, specifically designed to meet the intricacy of executive compensation.

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Rewards Data Intelligence

Salary surveys for participation or purchase

Defensible executive pay decisions require decision-quality executive compensation data that boards and shareholders can trust

For compensation committees and executive compensation professionals, WTW's executive compensation data can instill confidence in pay decisions and help logically tie compensation to total shareholder return.

Each year, we collect data on more than 120,000 executives from over 4,500 survey participants, across more than 30 countries. Our executive compensation surveys cull data that can be parsed by scope, peer group, job and country coverage, yielding meaningful, more precise salary benchmarking. We also offer dedicated benchmark positions in select countries for energy, financial services, tech, media and gaming, pharmaceutical and health sciences and retail.

Build executive pay programs that reflect market trends and attract and retain key talent with WTW and access the most powerful combination of data, experience and technology available today.

Why WTW Rewards Data Intelligence for executive compensation survey data?

For compensation committees and executive compensation professionals the world over, WTW’s executive compensation data is the only choice.

Board-quality executive compensation data from a trusted methodology

While data quality is often taken for granted, ours is most trusted by shareholders, activists, executives and the press.

WTW survey participants benefit from an easy to-communicate, globally consistent methodology that allows participants to access market data for each benchmark job differentiated by key scope factors such as revenue and reporting level. And because long-term incentives (LTI) are a prominent component of total direct compensation at the executive level, our robust LTI valuation methodology enables a consistent comparison of LTI award levels across companies and geographies.

Detailed data on all elements specific to executive pay

Participants can access detailed data on all elements of executive compensation including: 

  • Annual base salary amount
  • Fixed cash allowances
  • Annual bonus – actual, target, maximum, deferred
  • Actual and target total annual compensation
  • LTI fair values
  • Actual and target total direct compensation

As well as: 

  • Incumbent revenue responsibility
  • Reporting level
  • Board membership
  • Geographic scope
  • Global grade

A comprehensive range of executive jobs

  • Corporate and business unit jobs up to five to six levels below the CEO
  • 140+ cross-industry benchmarks
  • 850+ industry-specific benchmarks in select geographies

WTW Compensation Software

Interactive benchmark data, competitive benchmarking, global job leveling, compensation program design and robust reporting and analytics.

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The world’s most trusted executive compensation data

Whether participating in a single country, region or globally, WTW survey participants can submit data for all their executives in a single submission – and purchase survey results on demand, at any time through a broad range of purchasing options including:

Executive Compensation Data by Country

With WTW, get online access to market data for a complete set of executive benchmarks in a specific country, plus:

Long-Term Incentives (LTI) Policies and Practices Report (U.S. only)

Detailed insights into the latest LTI practices and trends, so you can design or update plans that incent desired behaviors and drive company performance.

Annual Incentive Plan Design Reports (North America only)

In-depth coverage of annual incentive plan design practices as well as current and historical payout and performance data.

Individual Executive Jobs

Excel data extracts for individual jobs based on published survey report data (ad hoc or to supplement other purchasing options).

Borderless/Multi-Country Executive Compensation Data

Our executive compensation data is also conveniently available in a range of purchasing options, including access to global data and “borderless” cuts for organizations operating regionally or in several key markets around the world.

Custom Borderless Report*

Presented by job with data blended across 30+ countries, based on your unique peer group of organizations.

Europe Borderless Report

Presented by job with data blended across eleven European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK).

Global Long-Term Incentives Report

Fair values by revenue and salary range for all LTI recipients in approximately 60 countries and select LTI policies and practices.

Global Executive Compensation Data

Multinationals operating on a global scale who need access to competitive executive pay data have a range of flexible purchasing options as well.

Executive Global Package*

For multinational organizations with significant executive presence around the world.

  • Custom online access to 30+ country executive compensation survey reports.
  • Complimentary copies of the Custom and Europe Borderless Report and the Global Long-Term Incentives Report.

Executive Customized Package***

For multinational organizations with an executive presence in select countries outside their home country.

  • Custom online access to your home country executive compensation survey report.
  • Custom report based on your unique list of jobs for countries outside your home country.
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