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Geopolitical risk – Understand

The swift moving geopolitical landscape and changes in known influencers create a risk environment that requires a continuous learning cycle of observation, assessment and quantification to comprehend the drivers and impacts on a business.

We look beyond the most obvious, and work with stakeholders across a business to identify interconnected risks; examining everything from complex supply chains through to human capital policies and reputational damage, to help protect the company and fulfil its duty of care. We employ subjective (depth of experience, industry insight, research and analysis) and objective (proprietary analytical tools and those of our partners) assessment to inform organisations' decision making.

To assist risk owners across organisations in developing optimal risk management strategies, we will:

  • Orientate to current and likely future geopolitical drivers of risks to aid focused investment in prevention and protection solutions
  • Identify the spectrum of interlinked risks which affect peers and competitors, and may therefore affect them
  • Look at risks across the business; identifying gaps, duplication and collective opportunities
  • Assess, quantify and prioritise interlinked risks to provide risk insight across the enterprise
  • Quantify risks that might have been deemed unmeasurable to understand the financial impact
  • Use credible data and analytical tools to provide insight and decision-making support to stakeholders
  • Look beyond the obvious to identify the business opportunities created by risks to aid short and long-term planning
  • Understand the risk landscape to prevent, protect and respond to risks and events

icon identify
  • Geopolitical threat reporting and horizon scanning
  • Benchmarking information
  • Geopolitical risk workshop
  • Network of geopolitical research professionals

icon assess
  • Enterprise risk management maturity assessment
  • Risk register assessment
  • Risk engineering assessment
  • People risk assessment
  • Security survey
  • Integrated cyber risk assessment
  • Geopolitical risk drivers mapping and impact analysis
  • Geopolitical threat analysis and report
  • Risk and reward benchmarking
  • Business continuity and crisis management assessment
  • Reputation protection assessment
  • Supply chain assessment

icon quantify
  • Financial analysis tools
  • Active assailant modelling
  • Terrorism modelling and analytics
  • Cyber risk profile diagnostic
  • Catastrophe risk exposure quantification
  • Financial impact of political risk exposure
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