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Employee Experience

We help you improve the whole employee experience for your workforce, both inside and outside of work.

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Are you looking to create a high-performing employee experience for your workforce?

Employers – and employees – have a lot on their minds these days: Burnout, retention, flex work, pay, health, financial wellbeing, and more. Employees want employers that better understand and support a broader range of human experience and wellbeing. But it can be challenging for employers to sort through the issues and find a path forward. Understanding and enhancing the whole employee experience is essential.

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What is employee experience?

We believe EX sits at the heart of delivering outstanding customer experience and superior business performance. But what is it exactly? At WTW, we define employee experience as the sum of the moments that matter in an employee's daily life in an organization.

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Organizations that take intentional steps to improve their employee experience attract and retain exceptional talent and achieve better outcomes.

We have the research to prove it. By linking your EX strategy to your business strategy and by using technology to fundamentally transform your EX, you can really differentiate your organization.

92% of employers that say enhancing their employee experience is a top priority
WTW 2021 Employee Experience Survey

Future-proof your organization by focusing on employee experience

Organizations transforming their EX are more likely to generate a positive impact on a number of key performance indicators compared to organizations without a defined employee experience.

  • Organizational culture

    (44% higher)

  • Employee engagement

    (35% higher)

  • Employee wellbeing

    (28% higher)

  • Productivity

    (2.7x higher)

  • Turnover

    (90% lower)

How we partner with you to shape your employee experience

We work shoulder to shoulder with you, bringing diverse points of view and a deep commitment to your success.

We bring clarity to your current employee experience and workforce needs with organizational insights

  • Employee insights and analytics
  • Total rewards optimization and predictive analytics
  • Individual and team assessments (including Saville Assessments)

We support all types of organizational transformations with high-impact change management expertise

  • Change management for mergers and acquisitions, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, program implementation, culture and more
  • Leader and manager impact solutions like assessments, manager resilience and wellbeing and leading through uncertainty
  • HR strategy, HR business model change and culture alignment

We drive behavior change and deliver return on investment with innovative communication and engagement solutions

  • Organizational, HR, and total rewards change communication
  • Employee value proposition communication
  • Wellbeing program branding
  • Digital engagement

Understand and improve the whole employee experience

We help you understand the needs of your workforce, drive transformation and enhance your EX through communication and engagement across a full range of human capital issues.

Why WTW?

Because we accelerate impact. action. change.

If you aspire to create a better future for your employees and your organization, the time to partner is now. We supply data-driven, insight-led employee experience solutions that motivate your workforce, maximize performance and make your organization more resilient.

  • We survey 10 million employees each year in 100 languages

  • Winner of 67 IABC Gold Quill Awards in 9 categories since 2010

  • Our clients enjoy 5% revenue growth for every 10% increase in employee experience survey scores

  • Over 80 countries use our online assessment tools – rated the most valid indicator of potential and fit

  • We invented the approach to total rewards optimization and are proud to optimize our clients’ rewards investment for maximum impact

  • We bring more than 50 years of employee communication and change management expertise and a deep commitment to your success

  • Named a selected vendor by Gartner for Integrated HR Service Delivery Platforms for Embark

  • Winner of the 2021 Digital Innovation Evolve Award from Insight Enterprises for Embark


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