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Survey best practice: How companies have enhanced the employee experience with Real-Time Advice

By Andromachie Lella | January 4, 2021

Over the past few months, we've seen companies use Real-Time Advice in several ways that we wanted to share with you.
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Risque de pandémie

Real-Time Advice, a relatively new feature of our Employee Engagement Software, presents survey participants with suggestions based on their responses. This provides an immediate "reward" for those who take the time to share their views, while highlighting tools and resources that employers have in place. In the past few months, we have seen companies use Real-Time Advice to great effect in several ways:

Personalization to the max

Some companies create advice not just based on how someone responds to survey questions, but also on who they are. This is particularly helpful for companies that operate in a decentralized way, with countries or business units offering different resources, such as different benefits. Although a little more complex to set up, it means that the information shared is always relevant to each employee.

Wellbeing at the time of COVID-19

Over 120 of the companies we work with have surveyed their employees at least once during the pandemic. Some have taken the extra step of using Real-Time Advice to connect their employees with useful resources such as Employee Assistance Programs, wellbeing support and remote working tips. The survey was one more way to publicize these resources, with the added benefit of being brought to the attention of those who needed them the most.

Employee experience beyond COVID-19

After months of focusing primarily on the health crisis, many companies are settling into new ways of working and have gone back to asking employees about their overall working experience. Pairing this type of survey with Real-Time Advice has enabled them to bring their employer brand to life with custom images and suggestions, and links to various programs and initiatives, including diversity training and performance and recognition tools. Many companies have used Real-Time Advice during their "back to work" plans in order to share targeted information with employee based on their specific concerns, e.g., new safety measures being established at the workplace, evolving childcare concerns, etc.

If you have used Real-Time Advice in a new way, we'd love to hear from you. And if you haven't tried it yet, contact us for a demo.


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