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Sustainable investment – a call to action

Sustainable investment is an unstoppable train. It is fundamentally about improving investment incomes – better returns and lower risk


By Adam Gillett | April 8, 2019

As investors and regulators now recognize the importance of sustainable investment, the key issue becomes translating thinking into action. Adam Gillett explores how we believe integrating sustainable investment into the entire investment process is the best way to achieve full value.

In recent years, many drivers have powered sustainable investment’s momentum, and the cumulative effect has elevated its importance on many asset owners’ agendas. Pressure has come from the end savers (such as pension fund beneficiaries) for institutions to consider sustainability topics that are important to them – think of the fossil-free campaigns at universities across the U.S. and U.K., for example. Regulators and industry bodies have also introduced new standards and guidance to improve investment practices (such as IORP 2 in Europe) and transparency.

Regulation, reputation and risk and return are the drivers of sustainable investment
Figure 1. Drivers of sustainable investment

Download the article to learn more about how collaborative initiatives, megatrends and impact investing are being incorporated into asset owners’ strategies.

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