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One size doesn’t fit all: Benefits engagement through increased communication

By Casey Hauch and Kim Maitlin | April 8, 2019

This article, originally published in Workspan magazine, details how employers can more effectively engage their employees in benefits programs. The key is in modern communication approaches that delivering meaningful messaging in innovative ways.
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Our clients pose the same challenge each year: “Our employees don’t even know about all the benefits we offer, nor how they work. So how do we get their attention especially at a time when decision-making is critical, like annual enrollment?” Our response: Annual enrollment is simply an event with a transaction. No doubt there’s a lot to prepare for leading up to it, but the notion of “getting ready for annual enrollment” now means engaging your employees all year long in their benefits programs through a thoughtful communication strategy that not only informs, but engages by connecting with employees on an emotional as well as rationale level

Where do you start? Begin by thinking about benefit communications as a year-long effort with annual enrollment as just a point in time, rather than the center of the plan. Next, consider taking a more holistic approach to your communication to broaden the scope to integrated wellbeing.

The fact is, it is not uncommon for employees to lack awareness of the programs and resources their employer offers, let alone understand how those programs support their and their family’s health and wellbeing. Employers can help by using modern communication approaches to reach employees in new ways.

Download the full article below, originally published in Workspan magazine, to read more.

This article was originally published by WORKSPAN, April 2019.
All rights reserved, reprinted with permission

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