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Willis Towers Watson’s Adoption Assistance Administration

Willis Towers Watson's Adoption Assistance is a benefit that many employers are offering to better support employees through this costly process.

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Adoption assistance:

Approximately two million couples and a million single adults consider adopting children every year.

Approximately 135,000 children adopted yearly in the U.S.
Average adoption costs can range between $40,000 to $50,000.

Out-of-pocket costs can be considerable and don’t include potential loss of pay due to lengthy travel to complete the adoption or employee’s extended leave to care for the child.

Adoption Assistance is a benefit that many employers are considering or choosing to offer in an effort to better support employees through this costly process.

How it works:

Once an adoption is final, the employee will complete an application form requesting reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses. The employee then submits the completed application to Willis Towers Watson via mail or online for review. Once a determination is made, a communication is sent to the employee, advising if the application was approved, denied or incomplete. If the request was approved, the reimbursement process will be initiated in coordination with the payroll department.

Benefits to Employers for providing Adoption Assistance

  • Enhanced relationship with employees including those planning to adopt as well as those who appreciate the benefit is offered by the company
  • Improved reputation of corporate social responsibility in the community
  • Company satisfaction in helping address social issues
  • Relatively low cost to the company
  • Benefit equality for employees who may not be able to utilize traditional company-provided maternity benefits

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Our adoption assistance administration solution leverages our depth of consulting experience across our Benefits Outsourcing, Health and Benefits, and Communications and Change Management businesses.

Our top-tier service is designed to create a customized solution for each client and reduces the workload and stress of your benefit staff with minimal impact on employees. Partnering with Willis Towers Watson will result in:

  • Quick and consistent processing of applications
  • User-friendly, secure and reliable technology
  • Clear, thoughtful and comprehensive employee
  • communications and customer service
  • Detailed analysis of all applications against the plan rules
  • Expert advice, process and policy review
  • Monthly reporting on applications received and completed
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