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D&O Quantified

This sophisticated predictive model evaluates public company directors and officers liability loss potential and provides decision support to help optimize your risk management strategy.

This D&O risk analytics tool interactively incorporates your organization's stock price trends, price volatility, corporate governance and accounting metrics. This allows for a refined and more precise quantification of loss potential. Our valuation dynamics provide predictive insights into D&O risk transfer solutions.

D&O Quantified's refined evaluation of your organization's comprehensive risk includes:

  • Valuable insights beyond benchmarking into company-specific drivers of risk
  • Dynamic and customizable technology that enables collaborative sensitivity testing with instantaneous results
  • Data-driven decision support guiding insurance strategy via comprehensive cost of risk, limit adequacy and premium return on investment
  • Facilitates strategic program design and tactical engagement of the insurance marketplace
  • Concise and compelling output for efficient communication with internal stakeholders
Comprehensive Cost of Risk helps compare the relative value of each risk finance strategy
Comprehensive Cost of Risk - screenshot from D&O Quantified

Why should you use D&O Quantified?

This tool:

  • Enables you to better understand your D&O risk, providing insight into the potential frequency and costliness of your claims
  • Helps you decide on the best strategy to manage your risk. It allows you to evaluate customized insurance strategies, showing how well each protects you from loss and if each is a good value for the price
  • Gives your corporate directors more visibility into their exposure with explicit risk indications — not just benchmarking

For whom is it appropriate?

  • D&O Quantified is designed for publicly-traded companies of all sizes.
  • Our Employment Practices Quantified model can assess D&O loss potential and evaluate insurance for privately held and nonprofit organizations.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • D&O quantified is global risk evaluation tool supporting all geographies. Results are most meaningful for companies traded on U.S. exchanges and global large cap companies not traded on U.S. exchanges.
  • This tool is not designed to evaluate smaller local D&O policies required for regulatory reasons.

When should you use D&O Quantified?

  • When assuring your board of directors they are adequately protected
  • When seeking company specific-information regarding D&O limit adequacy
  • When anticipating changes to your corporate structure such as M&A activity or significant moves in market capitalization
Severity Exceedance Probability shows the range of possible loss amounts (including defense costs) for a single event and the relative probability of experiencing a loss that size.
Severity Exceedance Probability - screenshot from D&O Quantified

What can I do with information gained from D&O Quantified?

  • Assess your D&O loss potential at any time to inform your enterprise risk management strategy.
  • Use these results to understand your Total Cost of Risk through our Dynamic TCOR model.
  • Drive insurance buying and marketing strategy before engaging markets:
    • Use this tool to design your optimal insurance structure based on your unique exposure profile.
    • Tactically engage insurance markets by comparing quotes from carriers with financial decision support metrics like value from insurance and premium return on investment.

Other Information

  • Not a publicly traded company? Evaluate your private or non-profit D&O loss potential as well as any combination of employment practices liability and wage and hour with our Employment Practices Quantified.

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