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Transform: Wellbeing - Virtual Conference Recordings

The year 2020 was marked by turmoil that few organizations could have predicted. COVID-19 invaded seemingly every aspect of our society and economy, creating financial, emotional, physical and social strain for many. To help employees adapt and thrive in this challenging environment, organizations have redoubled their efforts to build sturdier, more effective wellbeing programs. Willis Towers Watson research shows that organizations with higher levels of wellbeing achieve better business outcomes and employees who are financially secure, emotionally balanced, physically well and socially connected are more engaged and productive at work.

Change is the only constant in life, so investing in tools to support employees through that change and build a more resilient and engaged workforce is important to long-term success.”

Emory Todd | Managing Director, Human Capital & Benefits, NA

In this five-day conference, we heard powerful client stories from over a dozen organizations as they shared their wellbeing transformation stories, detailing key components of fostering employee resilience, improving the benefit navigation experience, personalizing solutions to their populations, and making the most of their vendor partnerships.

Day 1: Transform Wellbeing

In this session, HR leaders detail the transformation of employee wellbeing strategies and programs from early physical-focused programs (e.g. step challenges) to more holistic and comprehensive programs driven from the top down and woven into company culture. These employers provided multidimensional tools and resources and vendor programs to support the needs of a diverse workforce and their families. The pandemic accelerated the need to support employee wellbeing and flexibility, and these employers were agile in adapting their approaches and communication strategies accordingly.

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Day 2: Foster Resilience

2020 drove a need for all of us to be resilient in an ever-changing world. Employees and employers faced unprecedented challenges ranging from working remotely, to communicating differently, to reorganizing childcare and home schooling. Presenters in this session talk about what they did to help employees adapt to new circumstances and maintain balance and productivity at work and home. These stories are heavily focused on culture and company-wide support of their people. They recognize the need to support employee wellbeing from various angles, including physical, emotional, social and financial, and have implemented programs to do this.

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Day 3: Enrich Experience

In today's session, employers discuss the employee experience and the tools and resources employees can use to successfully navigate the benefits available to them. They emphasize the need to make benefit information accessible and easy to find and understand. This is particularly relevant at a time when people are working from home and traditional communication modules may not be as effective as they were in the past. These employers used various methods to listen to their employees and gather feedback. They learned that creative communication and navigation approaches helped employees find and use programs personally relevant to them and their families. They realized it was imperative to be flexible, adaptable and inclusive to successfully engage and support employees.

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Day 4: Personalize Solutions

The old model of "one size fits all" benefits no longer applies in today's workplace. Employees are diverse and have needs that vary greatly from person to person. These employers talk about the approaches they have used to personalize solutions to individuals and meet them where they are in their personal health and wellbeing journey. They used data and feedback to create targeted programs and solutions that were specific to their populations and have demonstrated success through employee stories and testimonials.

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Day 5: Optimize Partners

This session provides examples of employers who partnered with multiple vendors to provide multidimensional solutions to support their employees. It was very important that they found the right trusted partners to help engage and support their full range of employees and their family members. These stories are focused on employee engagement, communication, tools and solutions that are tailored to address key conditions within their workforce.

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Emory Todd on the Transform: Wellbeing Virtual Conference

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