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WTW Data Services Participation Portal

A seamless survey participation awaits 

A few reminders before you begin

We’re thrilled you are joining the thousands of organizations around the world that trust us for their compensation, policies and practices survey needs each year. Our goal is to make your participation in our surveys seamless and secure.

  1. 01

    Let us know by when you plan to submit your data

    For each survey, please specify the date by which you plan to submit your data submission workbook(s) in the “My company plans to participate by” field. This will help us provide you with the right resources and timely support.

  2. 02

    Find your deadline for survey submission

    Deadlines vary by survey. Log into the Participation Portal to see upcoming deadlines in the survey catalog.

  3. 03

    Complete and submit your data

    Complete and submit your data submission workbook and HR Practices and Benefits Design Practices online sections (use the left tabs to navigate through the survey components).

  4. 04

    Order your survey data in advance

    Order directly via the Participation Portal or Approximate delivery dates of survey reports are accessible on both sites.


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