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Plan the year ahead with Data Services 

We believe having a strong annual compensation planning process can help even the most seasoned of compensation professionals navigate the complex tasks of the annual compensation cycle. Use the calendar below to plan the year ahead and refer to it throughout the year for key dates and links to early event registration.

Your Willis Towers Watson Data Services representative will contact you during the data collection period about your data requirements or submission in 2022.

Quarter 1: January to March

Our survey submission portal opens and will be ready for your data.

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Get a head start on the year, find out more about how our Salary Budget Planning Report can help.

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Learn how to have a seamless participation experience. Explore upcoming training events in multiple languages and time zones worldwide.

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Get the market data you need

Compensation, policies and practices surveys from Willis Towers Watson

Getting compensation right is hard. We make it easy.

Quarter 2: April to June

Is your pay review in April? Then it’s time to submit your data in our portal.

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A Company Car Benefit is one of the most complex and expensive benefits. A little data can go a long way to help you navigate it.

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Thinking about reviewing your benefit plans? Get current data and insights on key benefits trends with our HR Policies & Practices and Benefits Design Practices Reports.

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Quarter 3: July to September

Looking for salary budget predictions for 2023? Purchase the latest Salary Budget Planning Survey.

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Want to know when data is available?

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Having data and knowing what to do with it can be two different things. Get the perspective you need for your industry, country or region in multiple languages and time zones worldwide.

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Quarter 4: October to December

WTW experts share the latest trends in pay and benefits based on our survey results. Join us for an update on market trends for your industry, country or region.

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Add to your knowledge with our research and publications products which augment your data with insights above what you can find in our surveys.

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Thinking about 2023? Contact us and we can help.

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