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The role of gender in wealth equity

January 23, 2023

John Bremen at WTW hosted a group discussion about the role of gender in wealth equity with a diverse cast from all over the world.
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Our recently released Global Gender Wealth Equity Report found that there’s a significant wealth gap between men and women. In fact, the difference is so stark that women are expected to accumulate only 74% of the wealth that men do at retirement.

The research highlights many reasons for this disparity across five regions and 39 markets, including the interlinked effects of career, family support, life events and financial literacy.

In this ESG Spotlight webcast, we're joined by a diverse WTW cast that dives deeper into this pressing issue. They discuss:

  • Key findings and insights from the study
  • A closer look at Asia Pacific, which had wealth indices ranging from the very highest to some of the lowest
  • A panel discussion on what employers can do to play a part in reducing the gender wealth gap
The role of gender in wealth equity

Manjit Basi discusses the 2022 Gender Wealth Equity Report in this brief introduction to our webcast.


Senior Director, Integrated & Global Solutions

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