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Three steps to building a business case for an employee experience platform

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May 4, 2022

Use this three-step framework to build a business case to gain leadership support in implementing an employee experience platform

Implementing an Employee Experience (EX) platform is a big step

If you’ve gotten to the point of assessing your communication strategies, listening to employees about their needs, and you’ve determined that a digital communication tool would help the overall EX, then the final step is to gain buy-in from leadership. When decision-makers ask about metrics and return on investment, you can lead the discussion using the following framework.

Organizations that excel in delivering a "transformative" employee experience invest in software to develop and deliver their EX.

Source: WTW's 2021 Global Employee Experience Survey

When your business case is complete, you should have defined goals, measurable objectives and a clear direction for the organization to Embark on its EX platform journey.

Access the framework by completing the form on the right, including key methodologies and metrics used for building a solid business case.

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