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FAQs: Analytics & Design usage best practices

Compensation Strategy & Design

April 2022

Participants in our March 30, 2022, Compensation Software webcast asked great questions. See how our experts responded.
Q: How much does the software cost?

There are two pricing variables for Premium access to Compensation Software: Number of employees in scope and length of contract. Reach out to your local WTW Data Services team and they will be happy to provide a customized fee quote.

Q: How do I find out who my account manager is?

Contact your local team and someone will reach out to you.

Q: Who should I contact to determine the total cost for obtaining the Premium Analytics & Design features for our organization?

Request a demo and the team will contact you to discuss pricing.

Q: Can we add a calculated field?

Yes, calculated fields can be added.

Q: Is there a feature that helps streamline job calibration/grading?

Yes. For North American clients we have some artificial intelligence within the participation portal that you can access to suggest survey matches. This feature is coming for other regions.

Q: Is “Premium” synonymous with purchasing the legacy REWARD tool, or is it different?

The Premium functionality of Compensation Software is akin to that of the REWARD tool.

Q: Is it possible to link other HRIS systems with this application (e.g., Workday, Ceridian Dayforce)? If so, what is the cost if integration?

Yes, WTW Compensation Software can exchange data between any HRIS to maintain job and employee records. Fees vary, but average around $5,000 for a data integration.

Q: How interactive is Premium with non-WTW survey data uploaded?

For non-WTW data, you would use their tools to extract the data/peer cut, and we would load that cut of data into the WTW tool. From there, you can link your jobs/employees to that cut (or any other cut of data) and, if appropriate, blend market data between different survey vendors.

Q: Are any large Canadian companies using this software?

Yes, we currently have five Canadian HQ companies using the software. Also, many of our client organizations listed the United States as their headquarters, but they have Canadian operations too. If you are interested in more information on this (e.g., industry), please let us know.

Q: Where can we find a pre-populated workbook with the matches we used last year?

To access the pre-populated workbook, you must be listed as the data provider for your organization. Upon logging into the participation portal and accessing the “My Participation” section, you will see the surveys your organization is due to participate in. When you click on “Participate now,” it will bring you to the resource page. From there, you can locate the pre-populated data.

Again, this is only listed for you if you are listed as the data provider. If you have questions on this, our Client Care Team can assist.

Q: What if this year’s data provider is different from last year? How can we access last year’s matches?

As long as you are listed as the current data provider, the pre-populated data will be listed for you to download from the participation portal. If you have questions on this, our Client Care Team can assist.

Q: What is the name of the module that allows you to download the information needed for the salary survey submission?

The module is called “Premium.” It is an additional feature set of WTW’s Compensation Software suite – the same suite used to browse and download our salary survey data.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of surveys that can be put on this platform?

No, we have clients with just one or two surveys and others with hundreds of surveys on the platform.

Q: Can you show the feature of developing salary structures?

Yes, you can request a demo and we will be in touch.

Q: Where can I download the survey participation guide?

The participation guide is available in the Participation Portal.

Q: Where can I find information about changes that were made (if any) in the workbook template? And where is WTW’s guide with all job matching details (including ones that are defunct)?

All of this information is in the participation resources of the survey in which you are participating. Upon logging into the Participation Portal, locate the survey in which you are participating. When you select “Participate Now,” it will bring you to a resource page. Within the participant guide, there is always a page dedicated to the changes that have occurred for the year. You can locate this by reviewing the index within the participant guide and finding the “Changes” section.

Q: If we choose this service, is there additional training available beyond the videos on Do you offer person-to-person training and assistance in set up?

Yes, we do offer job matching sessions. Please reach out to your local WTW Data Services team for help.

Q: How many companies do you need to choose for a peer group?

In North America, it is 10. Outside of North America, it is 7. You must also have at least 3 differences in your peer-group companies.

Q: If we don’t have custom or Premium, how long should a survey participation take per country?

It really depends on how many employees you have in a country. On average, though, maybe 4 hours.

Q: Will the Analytics & Design module help convert WTW data into other suppliers’ data?

We assume this is regarding WTW survey job codes aligning to other vendor job codes. We do have the ability to automate job matching to both WTW and other vendor job codes. This is determined using the attributes of the client job or employee, and an appropriate match generally is used as a starting point for further refinement in the system.

Q: How can I ensure the market data is future-proofed? The market data is static.

No data is future proof. However, there are many ways to mitigate the risk of large market swings. You can:

Q: For WTW pulse surveys, do we need to sign up? Is there an extra cost involved?

No, these are generally free to participants. To be included in these surveys, please contact your local WTW team.

Q: How do you get the data for the high-demand reports?

Data come from our annual surveys and are supplemented with external data. To find out more, please contact your local WTW team.

Q: Last year we tried joining the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent Survey hoping to get market data for emerging jobs like Digital Product Owners, Digital Marketing jobs and so on, but it seems like there isn’t enough data. Could it be that matches for some industries are not yet updated?

Please contact your local WTW team for help with this question.

Q: How do I get started with the WTW Global Grading Methodology? We are using another provider’s grading methodology and would like to familiarize ourselves with WTW’s methodology and evaluate whether we want to replace our current one.

Contact your local WTW team and they will introduce you to one of the grading specialists for a conversation about your specific needs.

Q: Are there more options coming for job matching? We have new roles in Marketplace and E-Commerce that I am struggling to match.

Contact your local WTW team and someone will be in touch to help with this question.

Q: Is there an additional cost for the job matching service?

No, this is complimentary.

Q: The timing of our survey submission is a couple of weeks before our data is finalized. Should we submit our best guess, or should we submit the current actual values?

Please submit your current actual values.

Q: Can you choose to show only specific companies in the statistics when you compare salaries?

Yes, with Custom access to Compensation Software, you can create and manage peer groups and recalculate the statistics.

Q: Where are employee data stored? Is GDPR compliance respected?

WTW is in the process of moving our tools to the cloud. Currently, data is hosted in the UK but will be based in the Netherlands by the end of Q2 2022. Regardless, data privacy always has been of paramount importance to WTW, and our hosting services remain GDPR compliant.

Q: Do you have any slides that show the information we could get from purchasing Analytics & Design?

Yes, contact your local WTW team and they will help you.

Q: I see there is a chart showing employee compa ratios. Is there a version to show employee positioning with a range (e.g., 80% to 120% of median)?

Yes, there are many charting capabilities. To explore more, request a demo.

Q: What would you recommend in terms of identifying salary survey purchase requirements?

This depends on the markets in which you compete for talent. Contact our compensation consultants and they will be happy to guide you.

Q: Are geographic differences commonly applied in Southeast Asia countries (e.g., Indonesia, Philippines, India)?

Geographic pay policies primarily exist in larger markets and are becoming an increasingly important factor for clients when considering the impact of remote work on pay. Our Geographic Salary Differential Reports provide insights into how you may need to pay your employees differently across major cities, metropolitan areas and regions.

Q: It is difficult to match Development Engineers within R&D who are working with IT (Algorithm and Software). It also is difficult to match Microbiologists who are not working with Pharma/Drugs. I’m thinking about R&D in the MedTech industry.

Contact your local WTW team and someone will be in touch to help with this question.

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